Huge Lines Form in Gun Stores Across America as Some Prepare For ‘Civil Unrest’


Huge lines in gun stores have been reported across America as citizens panic-buy weapons.

Guns, ammunition and survival gear are high in demand as some prepare for ‘civil unrest’.

Ammunition and survival gear fly off shelves as some prepare for ‘civil unrest’, Civil unrest: Guns ammunition and survival gear sales skyrocket in America, paranoia or civil unrest gun ammunition and survival gear sales increase in America, Huge lines in gun stores across America as country panic-buys weapons
Civil unrest: Guns ammunition and survival gear sales skyrocket in America. Picture: Seattle City Attorney

Panic buying is spreading across the U.S.. And people aren’t just rushing on hand sanitiser and toilet paper. Many Americans have indeed decided that it’s time to snap up a gun, ammunition and survival gear, feeling incoming civil unrest.

Upstick in first-time gun buyers

Long lines are forming outside gun stores from California to Alabama to New York State. And schockingly, it’s not just already well-armed gun enthusiasts joining in the rush.

One seller in Mesa, AZ told a local TV station that he was seeing an uptick in first-time buyers, as did a store manager in Vallejo, CA.

The owner of a store in Cobb County, Georgia explained he had lived through “everything from Ebola to the bird flu” but had “never seen anything like this,” with lines as much as 12 people deep at the gun counter “non-stop for weeks now.

Ammunition is also hot

Ammunition too is in high-demand.

Online seller has released figures showing a huge surge in sales in the 11 days leading up to 4 March.

The top ammunition-buying states were North Carolina and Georgia.

Another online retailer told the National Rifle Association that by late February, both sales and online traffic had practically doubled since the same time last year.

Paranoia but mostly fear of civil unrest

Some of the surge in sales can be chalked up to a general feeling of paranoia: “Any time people are uneasy, sales go up, and it’s always the same, guns and ammo.

But other Americans are arming themselves for more specific reasons.

One gun shop owner in Arcadia, CA reported that his store had seen ten times the usual number of customers – many of them Asian Americans worried that in the event of rising social disorder, they may be targeted because of their ethnicity.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has asked people to stop panicking:

Relax. You’re doing great. There’s no need for anybody in the country to hoard essential food supplies, they said to me. Have a nice dinner, relax, because there’s plenty. You don’t have to buy the quantities, because it’s hard to refill.

First step toward a local ban on weapons sales?

Meanwhile, an emergency ordinance passed in the central Illinois city of Champaign that grants the mayor sweeping emergency powers.

Is that a first step toward a local ban on weapons sales?

The authorities in Champaign deny that they have embarked on some shadowy project to keep guns out of people’s hands altogether.

But more and more citizens are worried about the possibility of civil unrest… So it’s hard to see the surge in gun, ammunition and survival sales nationwide dropping off any time soon. More civil unrest and gun news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [The Independent]

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  1. Jared Passenger · 1 hours ago
    Death all around, but the IRS tax system will go on. Hey Trump…. how about bailing out the American people that support industries and your parasitic government system?? Wow, what a concept. The high rollers on wall street and their crooked banks have been buying back their own stocks using nearly free money for how long now? And now Trump and Co. want to give these criminals MORE money while we, the American people get little scraps to keep us from rioting. Want to bet that later, when things get back to “normal” or what will be the “new normal” that the IRS will want to tax that $1500.00 “free” emergency money you may or may not receive? Perhaps they will want it back at some point. Would not surprise me one bit. This is BS of Trump we do not trust him at all?

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