New Active Earthquake Faults Discovered Near Mount Hood Could Trigger M7.2 Quake And Devastate Everything As Far As Portland, Oregon


Mount Hood is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc of northern Oregon.

Researchers have newly discovered active fault lines on Mount Hood that could potentially trigger a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, devastating communities and infrastructure as far west as Portland.

mount hood new fault lines, mount hood earthquake risks, mount hood earthquake threat
New fault lines have been discovered under Mount Hood, Oregon. The picture shows Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake. Public domain / Wikipedia

mount hood earthquake risk, new fault lines discovered under mount hood, mount hood new fault linesmount hood fault lines
New fault lines have been discovered under Mount Hood, Oregon. The picture shows Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake. Public domain / US Gov

As shown in the maps and video below, the newly discovered fault networks are located to the north, south and southwest of Mt. Hood and extend to the Columbia River.

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake is larger than the 1989 earthquake near the San Francisco Bay Area.

Moreover, the faults on Mount Hood are closer to Portland that the epicenter of the 1989 earthquake was to San Francisco.

mount hood earthquake risk, new fault lines discovered under mount hood, mount hood new fault lines
Map of the new fault lines discovered to the North of Mount Hood extend to the Columbia River. Map via GSOC

This would be a crustal earthquake as opposed to the Cascadia subduction zone earthquake Portland has been bracing for.

Subduction zone quakes are deeper below the surface, they last longer — as long as seven minutes — but they are lower in amplitude.

The kind of quake we would get from Mt. Hood would be shorter — 20 seconds to less than a minute — and would be strong enough to knock you off your feet.

mount hood earthquake risk, new fault lines discovered under mount hood, mount hood new fault lines
Map of new fault lines discovered to the south of Mount Hood

A large quake like that would pose a significant hazard to the cities of Hood River, Odell, Parkdale, White Salmon, Stevenson, Cascade Locks, Government Camp and the Villages at Mount Hood.

The Portland metro would experience strong ground motions and could suffer liquefaction damage along waterfront areas.

The latest earthquake swarm at Mount Hood was recorded beginning of July 2019 as shown in this video:

The new fault lines on Mount Hood were found by Ian Madin of the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries and Ashley Streig, an assistant professor of geology at Portland State University while analysing new high-tech imaging. They then corroborated their finding through field research. [GSOC, KPTV, KGW]

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