While Some Sing Or Clap Their Hands, People In The U.S. Put Up Christmas Lights To Spread Cheer During the Outbreak


Although Christmas is nine months away…

Many U.S. citizens put up their Christmas lights to lift the spirits of their quarantined neighbors.

Social media trend has people putting up Christmas lights to spread cheer during viral pandemic
Social media trend has people putting up Christmas lights to spread cheer during viral pandemic. AP Photo/Jens Meyer

The trend appears to have begun with Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcaster Lane Grindle.

On Sunday, Grindle suggested that putting up Christmas lights would make a fun activity for families while still maintaining proper social distancing.

There are dark times ahead, but I can still put love & light out into the world.

In recent days, it appears many have followed suit.

The push for Christmas lights is just the latest holiday push to spark some cheer amid the new pandemic.

On Tuesday in the Cleveland area, a Rocky River man spread smiles through the streets of his neighborhood on his one-man St. Patrick’s Day parade route.

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    • Hot dry air blown short range through the streets at night will remove the virus and microbes without pesticides and chemicals.
      Follow the burners with dry exstinguishers if needed

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