Damaging M5.4 Earthquake Hits Zagreb, Croatia During Lockdown – Dozens of People Injured, Collapsed Buildings Everywhere


A strong earthquake hit the Croatian capital Zagreb on March 22, 2020, causing considerable damage…

And that during the lockdown!

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M5.4 earthquake hits Zagreb in Croatia during lockdown on March 22 2020. Earthquake map via USGS

Not one disaster but two simultaneoulsy! A shallow M5.4 earthquake struck north of Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, on Sunday morning, 6.24am local time amid the virus emergency.

The tremor hit at a depth of 10km (6 miles) and lasted over 10 seconds.

croatia earthquake march 2020, M5.4 earthquake hits Zagreb in Croatia during lockdown on March 22 2020, M5.4 earthquake hits Zagreb in Croatia during lockdown on March 22 2020 video, M5.4 earthquake hits Zagreb in Croatia during lockdown on March 22 2020 pictures
A police officer moving rubble after the Zagreb’s quake on March 22, 2020. Picture: AFP / P. Lavrovic

The major earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks, the largest, a M4.6 tremor shaking Zagreb at 7am.

The M5.4 – 3km SW of Kasina, Croatia was reported by over 1000 people, while the M4.6 – 4km WSW of Kasina, Croatia was reported by at least 80 people.

Widespread damage

The shallow quake sent residents running in panic into the streets, caused widespread damage, cut power and injured dozens of people across Zagreb and surroundings.

A 15-year-old girl is in a critical condition. She is fighting for her life after being crushed by a collapsed building.

The earthquakes have caused considerable damage to the city, including one of the two spires of the iconic Zagreb cathedral, which was rebuilt after the 1880 earthquake.

Many buildings cracked and walls and rooftops were damaged. Concrete slabs fell on cars and chimneys landed in front of entrances. Several fires were also reported.

What about the lockdown?

The quake happened just as Croatia’s government and health service have put Zagreb in a state of partial lockdown, where residents have been ordered to avoid public areas.

However, this morning, residents had no choice to but to leave their homes after the earthquakes.

There are rules for when there an earthquake strikes. But when there is an earthquake at the same time than a global pandemic, everything becomes much more complicated. Now imagine that we are also unprepared for the next major volcanic eruption.

Croatia is not a seismic active country per se. The coastal part of Croatia (the Dinarides) is the most seismically active, because of tectonic processes related to the collision of the Adriatic Platform and the Dinarides. The northern part of Croatia (the Pannonian Basin) is characterized by rare occurrences of large earthquakes and thus being typical of intraplate seismicity. So this a pretty rare earthquake! More earthquake news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [USGS, Balkan Insight, DW]

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