First An Earthquake In Utah, Then in Nevada and Idaho – North America Is Stretching And This Could End In A Really Bad Shaking

First an earthquake in Salt Lake, then one near Reno, Nevada and then near Boise, Idaho and a small shock felt through Yellowstone.
First an earthquake in Salt Lake, then one near Reno, Nevada and then near Boise, Idaho and a small shock felt through Yellowstone.

First an earthquake in Salt Lake, then one near Reno, Nevada and then near Boise, Idaho and a small shock felt through Yellowstone.

The scary thoughts swarm our minds, “are we at the end? Will the Yellowstone volcano erupt? Why do we have a virus and earthquakes?Well as hard as it sounds it’s just a normal part of living on our planet.

And Yellowstone will not erupt… But what about this stretching causing always more powerful earthquakes?

North America is stretching

We have faced deadly infections and earthquakes before.

In 1918 people were asked to distance themselves too. The Spanish Flu spread around the world.

Deadly earthquakes hit in China ,the United States, the Philippines, and Russia.

On top of all of this, we were fighting World War I.

What is happening now in the western United States is a constant process called continent stretching.

The west stretches about a quarter inch a year, then after so long the normal fault zones slip. When they do, we feel it as an earthquake.

A few years ago, everyone was worried about the Yellowstone Caldera, or what was called on television, the Yellowstone Super Volcano.

Will Yellowstone erupt? Can earthquakes cause its eruption?

Scientists say no. There is no obvious relationship with the earthquakes that hit Magna, Reno, and North of Boise. He said it is possible for a big earthquake to trigger smaller earthquakes.

Professor Koper explained the Boise earthquake could have caused a wave that triggered smaller earthquakes in Yellowstone but at this time there is no evidence that happened.

According to a report two weeks ago, the caldera has been experiencing a type of pulsing, but new research does not indicate that the super-volcano that created the Yellowstone caldera is more likely to erupt now. The last time it happened was 640,000 years ago.

Yellowstone is a complicated area, besides being volcanically active…with magma thought to be only a mile below ground at certain times.

Yellowstone is also seismically active with 700 to 3000 quakes a year. Most are not felt. Three years ago we reported Yellowstone had 900 earthquakes in two weeks.

Earthquakes as far away as the Boise one will not cause the magma in Yellowstone to explode. That’s for sure!

But as we know, earthquakes along the Cascadia can trigger earthquakes along the San Andreas… And maybe some less-known or unknown but still dangerous faults are also intertwinned in that stretching area and could cause that Really Big One feared by everybody.

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More geology news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [ABC 4]

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  1. Next comes the fake “space alien” invasion to save us from this latest screw up by human beings so we don’t destroy the universe, but first the Pope has to baptize our “space alien brothers” then they’re off to save the earth !!

    I’m starting to see a pattern forming here.

  2. That’s a new one. The continent is stretching. I HAVE NEVER heard of this EVER being offered for any explanation of earthquakes.

    You just making up whatever comes to your mind?

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