A Beginner’s Guide to Communicating With Spirits on the Other Side

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A seance scene from the 1922 film Dr. Mabuse the Gambler. Michael Faraday and Harry Houdini were among the prominent sceptics of spiritualism. Photograph: Bettmann/CORBIS

Anyone that has ever had the desire to get connected with someone in the spirit world may need to see what they can do to reach out to the spiritual realm.

There are professionals that are equipped to help those that want to take this journey. It is all about scoping the way that you want to reach spirits. There are several courses of action that can get difference results that lead to the spirit world.

The Other Side With Psychics

People that have a need to speak to someone from the other side will be happy to know that there are online psychics that can help them through this.

According to CrystalGazer, there is a plethora of people that have discovered what it takes to contact the other side, and their talents are in great demand.

They have a knack for opening the portal to the spirit world to reach out people that their customers request. Those that are serious about reaching out to spirits will need to consider if the online psychic will be of assistance to them.

The Ouija Board

The concept of the Ouija board has been seen in movies. It has become something of an urban legend, but there is power in getting a connection to the other side. It is all about the belief that one can contact spirits from the other side.

People that get these Ouija boards need to concentrate on who they are trying to reach out to you. It may even help to have a possession of the deceased. Utilizing things like the Ouija board to help you channel energy that speaks out to those spirits on the other side.

This board allows you to ask questions. That is why you need you move back and forth over the board, and that is how you get answers from the spirits.

Opening Your Mind

When it comes to reaching out to spirits on the other side it is all about taking a new direction. People that have never considered burning sage may also need to implement this into their strategy for contacting me the spirits on the other side. It is a cleansing process that serves as a precursor for contacting with spirits.

People must realize that they must be open to contacting the spirits. This is important because it brings about an environment where you can channel out the distractions and provide a quiet space for the spirits to come into your presence. You must be mentally open and aware of the other world. Burning sage can be a calming experience that helps you meditate and bring other spirits into your presence.

The Mystery On The Other Side

What you want to do is get acquainted with the mystery behind the other side. When you take time to talk to a medium that is experienced in talking to spirits it will take the mystery out of the equation.

There are online psychics that are well-equipped with the knowledge to handle these types of situations. They know how to build the bridge between your world and the spirit world. This is why people are looking for their input. They want to get engaged with someone that is going to be able to make the communication easier.


The use of a medium is quite important because they have the ability to communicate and deliver messages. The great thing about the medium is their knowledge. They can help you find spirits in the little things that you could be overlooking.

Sometimes the spirit on the other side comes in very subtle ways. If you have never taken the time to contact someone in the spirit world the online psychic can be your best source for delivering messages and interrupting the signs when spiritual beings are in the room.


The online clairvoyants can also help you find the right conductors to channel the spirits you seek into your realm. A flame may be the method that engages those that are reaching out for the spirit world. Others may have energy that is channeled through water.

It is all about knowing what creates an environment that opens the door to the spirit world. There is a plethora of people that are trying to reach to the spirit world, and the ones that are successful are aware of the conductors that expedite the process.

A Whole New World

What people will quickly find out when they are reaching out is that there is a whole new world of concepts and codes that they will not know about unless they read up and learn. Contacting people from the spiritual world requires patience. It is not something that is instantly available. This is something that takes time and practice.

It becomes easier when you have gone through some of the trial and error of this whole new world. It is all about taking the time to figure out what works. That is why people that are looking for a chance to reach the spirit side should look at this as a process.


The thing that you will quickly realize is that you must be willing to speak directly when the spirit comes into your presence. You have to be direct and summon the spirit that you are trying to reach.

There are many spirits that have the ability to dwell among us. It is about getting connected to who you are actually trying to reach by speaking their names. Once you have opened to portal to the spirit world you have to push your energy towards the spirit that you are trying to get to come into your presence.

It is about more than channeling the energy of the spirit you seek. It is also about tuning out the other spirits and putting yourself into that space with the spirits that you seek. That is why it is so important to call out with specific names and details of those that you are looking to have an interaction with. And you can have all of this on CrystalGazer.

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  1. Why would you be SO irresponsible as to host an article like this?!!!

    Are you crazy?!!! Are you ready to answer to God – for the folks you might have lured into temptation by publishing things that arouse interest in the demonic like this???

    You WILL answer for everything you do!!

  2. Don’t ever do this folks. These are not souls of your loved ones that are demonstrating through this occult practises, these are demons! You can end up possesed by demons and that’s not a joke! The prayer and quija board is NOT the same!
    I recommend you to listen to this former LA cop who had enconutered many people who played with quija boards and it changed their lives for worse. Here is an example of one young man who used quija board and at the end killed himself:

    • Faith in what? People of Islam have faith. Followers of Buddha have faith, Shinto have faith. People who worship their ancestors have faith. Hindu’s have faith, people from all religions have faith. Faith in what?

    • I am not being judgmental, nor do I want to offend by asking these questions. What the people who operate this web site do or believe is their business, not mine. I am just curious how people, who claim to be Christian, can do such a thing. Years ago I ran into a professing Christian who would speak through prayer to his dead mother. But, then he had some other very unusual and unorthodox beliefs. The spiritual world around us consists of a lot more than just Angels and Demons.

    • Makes on wonder. Unless the site got hacked. BUT, this article has been here for a few days already. SAD, very sad.

      Brain and a few others have strong points NOT to do this.

      Having an open mind and spirit would only invite a demon into your soul.

    • I speak everyday though prayers and thoughts with my loved family members that have already dies and are now in Heaven. I feel linked to them and this helps me to say goodbye. So yes I believe I can speak with my dead loved ones.

      I don’t understand why you would like to speak with dead enemies, evil beasts and satanists. That is non-sense. But with people close to you that is pure common sense.

      You never have a thought or a prayer for somebody that you loved and is not living anymore… I can tell you I have a lot of them… And I just want to feel them near me… So I speak to them… Yes! I am maybe crazy, but I feel good and I think they do so too.

      • How do you know you are speaking to your relatives in Heaven and not spiritual imposters? Spiritual imposters would know everything about your relatives, their pasts, and what you would expect to hear from them. I fell we all need an explanation for this.

  3. This is the worst advice you could give someone.
    Under no circumstances should you attempt to communicate with ‘the dead’.
    As ‘David+Rice’ explained very accurately, you are not speaking with ancestors; you are speaking with sentient spiritual beings who want to destroy your soul and the Salvation you were offered when Jesus Christ died for your sins.

    Look to the Scriptures for all your questions in life. His word is more powerful than anyone can even comprehend!

    Here’s some supporting Scriptures…

    Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.’ (Leviticus 19:31, NIV)

    (Speaking to the dead was a capital offense punishable by stoning under Old Testament law)

    “Men and women among you who act as mediums or psychics must be put to death by stoning. They are guilty of a capital offense.” (Leviticus 20:27, NLT)

    “God considers talking to the dead a detestable practice.”

    Love this website but this is the worst article you have ever published.

    We rebuke you Satan!
    Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth!

  4. When I saw this I almost fell out of my chair. First I thought it was a joke. In this world before Noah, spiritual beings left their dimension and were mating with human women. The offspring were deformed humans called Gibber. Some were large in size, some were small in size. Most were deformed. We find some of the bones of those people today. Deformed heads, deformed bodies. When GOD sent the flood upon the earth, He sent it to kill those offspring. The Spiritual beings who mated with human women are chained in darkness until the Day of the LORD. The Gibber or offspring will never receive salvation. They are wondering spirits. You folks are contacting those spirits or Gibber. That’s why they, the Gibber know so much about this world and you. This is dangerous. Do not contact them. The wondering spirits or Gibber are already judged, and will go into the Lake of Fire with Lucifer. You don’t want to go there. When Jesus met these spirits during his earthy ministry, the spirits always recognized Jesus as who He was: GOD in the flesh.

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