4 Helpful Tips for International Students to Study in US High Schools

4 Tips for International Students Interested in US High Schools
4 Tips for International Students Interested in US High Schools. Picture via PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, DAVIS INTERNATIONAL CENTER, SAMEER A. KHAN/FOTOBUDDY (2018)

Studying in the United States of America as an international student is a dream for many. High school is the best time to go about this move, since you are old enough to comprehend and accept such a major life change, and yet, young enough to adult easily. It also sets the stepping stone towards your dream college.

If you are planning to study in America 美国留学, here are a few helpful tips to navigate the process better and improve your chances of going to a high school in the US.

1. Research on various US Visas

Applying for a Visa to the USA can be quite a complicated process as there are so many visa options available for international citizens entering the country. Each visa has its own set of regulations, time periods of stay, restrictions and more. Possibly the biggest cause of visa rejection is because people do not apply in the right category.

Do thorough research on what you are looking for, in your visa before applying. If necessary, get in touch with your school, other exchange students and foreign student communities to help you understand better.

2. Have your documents sorted before applying

Be prepared to deal with and produce a mountain of documents in every step, from application to visa to joining your new high school. Make a list of documents that you are required for each process, and keep them handy.

Documents like school transcripts, certificates, identity proof, papers of residency, etc will be required at various steps so make sure you have adequate copies of them to produce as needed. You might be allowed to enter through the US border, but you will be required to produce any missing documents within 30 days.

3. Pick any agency with utmost care

Taking the help of an agency or consultancy can expedite the entire process and make it hassle-free as they can guide you though every step, inform you of the requirements and help you get your papers ready. However, make sure you do your research before picking one.

It is important to choose one, which specializes in the specific niche of dealing with high school admissions and visa related to that. Don’t hesitate to ask them about their experience, rates of success and previous clients. Read up their reviews, and try to get in touch with people who have prior experience with the agency, before you make a decision.

4. Work on improving our English

Last, but not the least, it is extremely important to put in some hard work on improving your English, especially if you come from a non-English speaking country. Not only is it required for your day to day communication for your basic functioning in the country, it is also the primary medium of instruction in the country.

Adjusting to a new country and high school can be much easier, if there is no language barrier to struggle with. Practice your written as well as verbal English skills religiously. Not only will it help you with your SSAT and TOEFL sores, it will also help you communicate better in life.

Getting into a high school in the US is actually easier than it appears. All it requires is some thorough research, perseverance and determination. All of this is found given to you at Forward Pathway.

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