Armenia Bombarded by Hail


A freak hailstorm hit the city of Gyumri on July 13, 2020.

The thunderstorm triggered widespread flooding and traffic chaos as some roads were buried in up to a meter of hail.

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Freak hailstorm buries Gyumri in Armenia in feet of Hail. Picture via Twitter

The weather is getting crazy around the world. In the most recent anomaly, several feet of hail have blocked the city of Gyumri, Armenia on July 13, 2020, flooding streets and forcing bulldozers to remove the ice after a freak storm:

Cars are seen floating in a lake of flooding water and hail in the city center blocking traffic and normal life.

Many homes and businesses have been flooded during the extreme weather event. You even see people shoveling their basements buried in a thick layer of ice.

To remove the several feet of hail in the streets, snow plows had to be used by city workers.

Significant damage has been reported across the city of Gyumri after the powerful hailstorm. It is however still unknown if residents will become a compensation.

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