Grapefruit-sized hail bombards Texas as ice baseballs hit Florida

Giant hail Texas Florida
Giant hail across Texas and Florida On April 27, 2023.

Hail season is in full force across the Lower 48, and it’s no surprise that multiple massive hailstorms have rolled through Texas this week, tossing missiles of ice bigger than softballs out of the sky. What is surprising, however, is where else the enormous hail has been reported — Florida — with several days of back-to-back rotating thunderstorms dropping tennis ball-sized hail and causing damage.

More hail is expected in the days ahead, particularly on Friday, when a level 3 out of 5 enhanced risk of severe weather has been drawn by the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center for parts of Texas.

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April into May marks the climatological peak for severe weather, including tornadoes, in the Lower 48. After a record-active start to the year that’s already been responsible for 63 fatalities, there has been a pause for the past week or two. Signs point to that lingering until the second week of May, when dangerous storms could make a swift return.

Texas-sized hail

Last weekend began with a round of hailstorms in Texas beneath an upper-level impulse. Baseball- to teacup-sized hail fell on Saturday in Ballinger, Tex., about 50 miles south-southwest of Abilene. Hen-egg-sized hail came down to the southeast in Mason County, and adjacent Gillespie County reported “hail bigger than golf balls but smaller than tennis ball size.”

Then another batch of only a few isolated storms formed on Wednesday, again producing baseball-sized hail in the state’s Floyd and Taylor counties. Runnels County reported 3½-inch-diameter hail around nightfall, and in the city of Dickens, 50 miles east of Lubbock, hail up to grapefruit size fell. There was “extensive damage to property and vehicles,” with “numerous windows broken,” according to a storm report filed with the National Weather Service.

Several of the thunderstorms exhibited “hail spikes” on radar, a telltale aberration indicative of monstrous hail. It results when large hail reflects an incoming radar beam toward the ground first before the signal returns to the radar. That results in a longer path taken by the reflected beam en route to the radar, tricking the radar into thinking the precipitation is farther away than it actually is. That results in a spike.

Then activity shifted east toward the Interstate 35 corridor on Wednesday. The biggest hail fell near Waco, with a report of 4½-inch-diameter hail, again the size of a grapefruit, two miles east of the city.

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Softball-sized hail also fell in China Spring, on the west side of Waco. That same storm had a history of dropping softball-sized hail in Comanche County to the northwest.

Additional significant hailstorms are expected in Texas on Friday.

Now, meet Drago, the Texas bull who captured the hearts of many as he escaped large hail in the video above…

Massive hail in Florida

Florida is accustomed to afternoon pulse-type thunderstorms this time of year that form along the Sunshine State’s daily sea breeze boundaries, but storms this week attained unusual strength. The presence of extra-cold, dry air in place at the high altitudes helped garden-variety storms become particularly severe, and a number of them dropped serious hailstones.

On Monday, Thonotosossa, Fla., in Hillsborough County, about 30 miles east-northeast of Tampa along Interstate 4, received hail up to 3 inches in diameter. That’s bigger than a baseball. Then baseball-sized hail struck Mascotte and near Four Corners in Lake County on Tuesday, which is one county over from Orlando.

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Wednesday shared its meteorological malice with Georgia, too, when Bryan County, just west of Savannah, experienced hail up to about tennis ball size. Hail covered the ground like snow in Richmond Hill, Ga., southwest of Savannah.

A number of intense storms in Florida dropped half-dollar to golf-ball-sized hail in Brevard and Palm Beach Counties, in some places piling up a couple of inches high and resulting in a sudden onset of hail fog. That occurs when the freshly fallen ice chills the air below its dew point, causing moisture to condense and form a fog bank.

Tennis-ball-sized hail fell in Marion County near Ocala — representing the third day in a row that the Sunshine State had seen hail of that size. [WP]

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  1. Before geoengineering and haarp we had softball sized hailstones, tornado, hurricane, cyclone. Check the Farmer’s Alamanc. Without concrete scientific proof it is absurd to attribute these Texas and Florida freak storms to something man made. Every time a freak storm happens, most people jump on the geoengineering bandwagon.

    Has geoengineering been used? Probably yes. However, not every freak storm is caused by geoengineering. Think critically, gather evidence for each specific event, and form a hypothesis. Every freak storm caused by God? Scientifically prove that point using the empirical method.

  2. Anonymous Apr 28, 2023 At 7:18 pm

    God is sending major warnings to America to repent of its political idolatry and blasphemy. Geo-engineering could be fueling this too. America will fall very soon.

    Agreed man , the coming of world martial law and civil disorder with femine and weather wars with 18 HAARP is coming soonly! WW3 is fruit of UK globalist control is population control by 2025 for USA is 100 Millions… Do not put shots of any kind Lier is always a Lier?

  3. The hailstones of God’s wrath will be comets, comprised of ice and gravel. Big storm hail here (in this article) is just part of freak weather on earth. It has happened many, many times before, and it will happen again. I see plenty of jumping to conclusions without scientfic method or concrete evidence here.

  4. Also, the military industrial complex and those perpetrating the spraying of our skies with metals and then using massive electromagnetic energy – billions of watts – have recently ramped up their geoengineering programs throughout the world, especially in the eastern United States. They don’t seem to care that it is very visible on certain Doppler Radar maps and their activity is now easily detectable. Just look at any weather radar map. Any straight lines or circles of lines protruding from a point like a pinwheel are completely unnatural and should not be seen on any radar map.

    The media weather scoundrels are paid disinformation megaphones having signed (provable) non-disclosure contracts whose job it is to distract and lie outright about the phony weather. They have necessarily given fictitious names to all of the anomalies seen in the weather over the last twenty years eg. “bomb cyclone”, atmospheric rivers” and many never before seen types of clouds etc. in an effort to normalize the increasingly unnatural weather we are seeing. And they explain it all by blaming “climate change”. Climate change is VERY real but not the version they give out. Their explanation is completely fictitious and is only a cover up for the real reason for climate change – geoengineering.

    If I didn’t know that God is in control and is simply “allowing” them to operate for a little while longer (Satan is the god of this world) as part of His bigger Plan, I’d go directly out of my mind at the things going on in this world! In fact, I don’t know how anyone who DOESN’T have great faith in God through Jesus Christ can cope with everything that’s happening in these last days. Scratch that, I do know how they cope…by believing all the lies and propaganda spread by the lying media in all its forms! They’re asleep however, not for long. There’s a wakeup call coming for them and it won’t be pretty. You can take that to the bank!

  5. God will use hail as one of the awesome and terrible plagues He will send on this earth as part of His WRATH. (Revelation 16:21) This world will be unrecognizable when He is finished pouring out His wrath FULL MEASURE on this earth for its rejection of His ONLY means of salvation of mankind – Jesus Christ; “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

  6. God is sending major warnings to America to repent of its political idolatry and blasphemy. Geo-engineering could be fueling this too. America will fall very soon.


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