Apocalyptic hailstorm kills 9 in Pakistan

Hail storm Pakistan on May 30, 2023
Hail storm Pakistan on May 30, 2023

Over the last two days, severe weather conditions including heavy rain, strong winds, hailstorms, and lightning strikes have caused destruction in the Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas divisions, resulting in nine fatalities. These conditions have disrupted daily life in the lower parts of Sindh, leaving millions without power for extended periods in Pakistan.

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At least four children were killed in torrential rain and hailstorm in various districts of Sindh, including Hyderabad, the second largest city of the province.

On Tuesday morning, intense rain and wind caused power outages from 53 Hesco feeders in the Hyderabad division. Additionally, a tower on the Mithi-to-Tando Jan Mohammad transmission line was damaged, cutting off power to five grid stations.

Hail storm Pakistan May 30 2023
Hail storm Pakistan on May 30, 2023

Later in the day, Hyderabad and Kotri experienced more heavy rain and hailstorms, causing damage to vehicles and windows. Reports of uprooted trees and vehicle damage due to strong winds were also received.

During the torrential rains in Hyderabad and its adjoining areas, hailstones weighing as much as half a kilo fell, shattering windows and damaging properties.

In Kotri, a tragic incident occurred when the wall of a barber shop collapsed, killing three children and injuring seven others.

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The children were identified as Farhana (10), Asma (11), and Muhammad Yusuf (12) who were playing nearby when the wall collapsed.

Hail storm Pakistan on May 30, 2023
Monster hail in Pakistan

In Tharparkar desert, rain and hailstorms brought relief from a heatwave but six people lost their lives due to lightning strikes. Three Hindu pilgrims on their way to the Faqir Parbaram temple in Mithi City were struck by lightning and died.

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Twelve people with burn injuries were taken to Civil Hospital Mithi but unfortunately, three of them passed away.

Other areas in lower Sindh including Mirpurkhas, Umarkot, Tandojan Muhammad, Jamshoro, and Hyderabad also experienced rain and hailstorms on Tuesday. The meteorological department has forecast more rain and thunderstorms in different areas over the next 24 hours. The situation remains difficult as people deal with the aftermath of the heavy rains and the loss of lives and property damage. [ProPakistani, Daily Pakistan]

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  1. This is 100% due to man’s interfering in the natural weather patterns of the globe. The military industrial complex in a compartmentalized secret program of “solar radiation management”, spray aerosolized particles of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium from jet aircraft over hundreds of miles of the sky. (seen as criss crossing patterns which spread out into a haze; not water or ice but METALS and chemicals) Along with the metals are powerful ice nucleating chemicals which raise the freezing temperature of water significantly, 50 degrees F in some cases. They heat up these metals with millions of watts of electromagnetic, microwave energy from ground and satellite based facilities to incredibly high temperatures, turning the metals to a superheated plasma state naturally causing the air around them to rise dramatically, bringing cold air in to fill the void. They can keep water suspended in these man made clouds by constant bombardment of energy causing the water to freeze into small hailstones which don’t fall to the ground but continue to rise, fall through the heated layer, get caught in the powerful, unnatural, updraft, rise again and again collecting more and more water in a circular process and fusing them together with the ice nucleating chemicals which then become to heavy to rise any further and fall to the earth, killing innocent children. Notice how the big hailstones are comprised of many smaller ones. The weather is now completely man made and is being used in weather warfare. search geoengineeringwatch.org to learn more.

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