Giant 13-Foot Oarfish Found in Baja’s Pichilingue Bay in Mexico


This huge 13-foot sea monster was found in Baja’s Pichilingue Bay in La Paz, Mexico.

And since, the DRAGON fish has gone viral because it is told to predict earthquake…

giant oarfish baja california mexico
Huge oarfish, a fish that predicts earthquakes, caught in Bahia Pichilinque, Mexico. Picture via Twitter

This 13-foot sea monster was found in Baja’s Pichilingue Bay in La Paz. It was found by aquaculture engineer Fernando Cavalin and a friend and a clip of the fish has gone viral.

It’s easy to see why this would garner so much attention as they look like actual dragons.

The estimated 13-foot Giant Oarfish washed up on a beach in Mexico and it has some people unsettled because the fish has a reputation as being the ‘earthquake fish’.

Prior to Japan’s catastrophic 2011 earthquake, there was an ‘unusual number of’ slender oarfish which appeared off Japan from December 2009 to March 2010 and many of these fish washed up on the beaches.

This fueled the myth that these are ‘earthquake fish’ that show up before large earthquakes. There’s no scientific evidence that these Giant Oarfish have any connection to earthquakes but that hasn’t stopped the myth from carrying on.

The king of herrings was dead when they found it and the long body was already falling apart, he said it was “dead and in an early state of decomposition.”

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