Thick Smoke of Wildfires Raging in Siberia Travels 5,000 Miles Into the Pacific Northwest Skies


The smoke from wildfires raging in Siberia have drifted into the Pacific Northwest this week, causing haze in the skies.

Upper level winds are picking up the smoke from the fires and pushing it 5,000 miles across the North Pacific and into cities along the U.S. West coast.

Smoke from wildfires in Siberia causing haze in Pacific Northwest skies
Smoke from wildfires in Siberia causing haze in Pacific Northwest skies. Picture: KATU

Last week, the East coast of the U.S. was engulfed by Saharan dust. And this week, cities along the Pacific Northwest get hazy skies from smoke from fires currently raging in Siberia. And that smoke will stay around for a few days.

Our wind pattern remains the same, which means we’ll have those hazy sunsets over the next few nights,” Salesky said.

Here a map showing the current fires in Siberia:

siberia on fire
Map of fires in Siberia. Picture: Global Forest Fire Watch

Here a map by NASA showing the smoke and its 5,000 miles long travel towards the Pacific Northwest:

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Siberian wildfires smoke engulfs Canada and the United States Pacific coast. Picture: NASA, SWE

Not only has Siberia had to contend with smoke and fire, but hot weather, too. Temperatures hit 100 in the arctic town of Verkhoyansk two weeks ago and Siberia has been beyond unseasonably warm this year, which has concerned scientists.

The Arctic is figuratively and literally on fire – it’s warming much faster than we thought it would in response to rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this warming is leading to a rapid meltdown and increase in wildfires,” University of Michigan environmental school dean Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist, told The Associated Press in a recent email.

Siberia experiences extreme temperatures throughout the year – from well below freezing to above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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