The new Corona Is AIRBORNE – Another Proof for a Man-Made Plandemic?


A group of scientists will publish an open letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the coming days with an alarming claim: The novel virus is airborne.

And this means that it can linger in the air long enough and in enough quantity to infect others. Isn’t it totally creepy!

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Airborne transmission of the Coronavirus is a possibility claim 239 experts from 32 different countries in a letter to the WHO

The letter will also allegedly accuse the WHO of failing to issue appropriate warnings about the risk of contracting coronavirus via airborne transmission. The scientists are calling on the United Nations health agency to revise its recommendations and plan to publish their letter in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

The letter has been signed by 239 researchers from 32 countries and include experts in virology, aerosol physics, flow dynamics, exposure and epidemiology, medicine, and building engineering.

Current warning

Currently, the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) only warn about transmission from inhaling small droplets produced when infected people cough, sneeze or speak, or from touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

In interim guidance on infection prevention and control published on June 29, the WHO contends that airborne transmission can occur when health care workers perform medical procedures that produce aerosols, which are extremely small respiratory droplets.

The CDC, meanwhile, has stated that the coronavirus touching infected surfaces is not the primary way the virus spreads.

Nonetheless the experts argue that this guidance that warns about the two types of transmission ignores the evidence that airborne transmission also plays a significant role in the virus’s spread.

In the letter, the scientists purportedly highlight multiple studies that they say demonstrate that aerosols can hang in the air for long periods of time and float dozens of feet. This makes poorly ventilated rooms, buses, and other confined spaces dangerous, even if people keep the recommended six feet of distance from one another.

We are 100 percent sure about this,” explains Lidia Morawska. “Numerous health authorities currently focus on hand washing, maintaining social distancing, and droplet precautions,” Morawska said in the press release. “Hand washing and social distancing are appropriate, but it is view, insufficient to provide protection from virus-carrying respiratory microdroplets released into the air by infected people.

Experts said that airborne transmission appears to be the only way to explain several “super spreading” events.

The WHO said that a large majority of the group of more than 30 international experts advising the UN agency has “not judged the existing evidence sufficiently convincing to consider airborne transmission as having an important role in COVID-19 spread.

Airborne transmission measures

Morawska said that measures to mitigate airborne transmission include:

  • providing sufficient and effective ventilation, such as supplying clean outdoor air and minimizing recirculated air, particularly in public buildings, workplaces, schools, hospitals, and aged care homes.
  • Supplementing general ventilation with infection controls, including local exhaust, high efficiency air filtration, and germicidal ultraviolet lights.
  • Avoid overcrowding, especially in public transport and buildings.

These measures are practical and can be easily implemented and many are not costly. For example, simple steps such as opening both doors and windows can dramatically increase air flow rates in many buildings.

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  1. The Sad Story is this Scince and religion must go hands to hands with each others. The Mask thing is all bull crap if you are not using N95 or N100 with face shields since COID-20 is 1/12 mm can pass through any masks or cloths like Hejabis they put on thier face. It is decieving indeed , why not Global Governments such as USA INDIA China and EU Russia make real masks of N95 or N100 dispursing it to all people 5 masks pe week. Then we shall defeat COVID-20 other wise we all playing with ut lives and also jerk governments of world they do not care for us all. Still our most vunerable doctors and nurses still do not have N95 or N100 , i am not sure why they do not protest or send letters to inform them they play with our selves lives. Jason A please tell your youtube that COVID-20 will go through anything , accept N95 or N100 ?

  2. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of science and it’s purpose. It’s a way to try to figure out our world and everything in it without human bias interfering — so we can get a window on the universe as it really is. Science isn’t a stationary thing, it’s a process and it’s slow. Scientists have been studying the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 since this pandemic started and this is the information they have consensus on NOW. Science is a sort of “building of information” through the confirmation and peer review of multiple good studies. This process takes time.

    Also, there is no need for this virus to be human made to have feature like being airborne. It’s not doing anything weird or unexpected or that other viruses haven’t already done. (Measles, Chickenpox and TB are also airborne.) But thanks to dumb luck this virus is a real bugger and has a great combination of features that makes it highly transmissible.

    But this is why masks work so well. You should use them to protect others around you from YOU (and by extension yourself, if everyone is doing it). You only need to wear them in public places when you can’t socially distance very well, like in buildings or crowded streets. The great thing about them is that even non-medical masks work great to not only hold back spray from peoples mouths, but the micro-particles of virus that make viruses airborne don’t even have a chance to form inside the mask due to the high humidity from your breath. (That yucky, steamy unpleasantness is actually your friend!)

    Remember, masks protect those around you from YOU (because you might not know you are sick yet) — To protect other peoples older family members and immunocompromised children. To keep hospitals from becoming over-burdened so that they will still have room for you and your loved ones, if you become ill or injured, during this outbreak. It’s all kind of counter-intuitive and I think a lot of people struggle with that. That’s ok…it feels weird to everyone because it’s all new and a bit unpleasant. But you need to buck up and wear them, to help yourself if not others. This isn’t political, it’s biology, something that we all share…whether we like it or not. 🙂

  3. Well no shit Sherlock, I thought the virus being airborne was common knowledge, why the hell do yall think people wear masks??

  4. This is an AI stimulus package tests. How numbers are regenerated , we must all be alert of false flags operations.
    We had 6.2 quakes and 5.9 so my predictions for July 6 to Aug 3
    is same as last predictions. We will have 55 plus quakes of 5.0
    to 6.0 and we will have up to 10 -12 6.0 plus to 7.0 and we will have up to 2 8.0 plus and most of my predictions for last time
    still stands for this months as well.

  5. Oh please. My BS alert is going off. Just another ploy to scare people into wearing masks constantly. Nest they’ll be telling us the virus can pole vault over 12′ wall.

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