Extremely Dangerous Killer Heatwaves Are Turning Apocalyptic in Death Valley, Iraq, and Kuwait With Extreme Temperatures of up to 127°F (53°C)


Do you have your AC on?

Because extreme deadly heatwaves have engulfed parts of the Desert Southwest United States, the Middle East and Europe.

In the U.S., California and Arizona are experiencing 115-120°F (46-49°C), Death Valley’s temperature reaches up to 127°F (53°C). Meanwhile, parts of Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait come close to all-time records at 127°F (53°C)!

Unusually hot temperatures in USA

The temperatures were unusually hot in July 2020 across Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas.

usa hot temperature anomaly july 2020, hot weather usa july 2020, july 2020 record hot temperatures usa
The temperatures were unusually hot in July 2020 across Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas. Map: Oregon State University

The southwest US is suffering all-time record temperatures. July 2020 was the hottest on record for Phoenix, Arizona, with temperatures up to 118°F (48°C) this week.

Extreme temperatures usa, record hot temperatures sw usa, july 2020 hottest month on record
Extreme temperatures usa in July 2020. Climate Reanalyzer

As shown in the gray spot on the map above, a killer heatwave has developed across a large part of the southwest United States, including Arizona, inland California (Death Valley), Nevada, and New Mexico in July 2020.

deadly heatwave arizona 2020
Deadly heatwave will scorches Arizona beginning of August 2020. NWS Phoenix

July 2020 was the hottest month on record for Phoenix, Arizona with a new average temperature of 99°F (37.2°C) compared to 98.3°F (36.8°C) in July 2009:

Insane temperatures in Death Valley

Again, the Death Valley is making the headlines with this year’s highest temperatures recorded in mid-July at 128°F (53°C).

There is even a picture of Death Valley park rangers near the temperature display in front of the Visitors Centre in Furnace Creek on July 13th showing an amazing 129°F (54°C).

Furnace Creek has set the record for the highest temperature ever measured on Earth at 134°F (56.7°C)… This best mark was measured on July 10, 1913 and has never been broken since… I bet it will be soon.

127°F (53°C) across Iraq, Iran and Kuwait

The Middle East has also recorded excessive heat in the last weeks or so, with temperatures reaching 122°F (50°C) in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

The highest temperature in the last few days was 127°F (53°C) and was recorded in Iraq and Kuwait.

extreme temperatures iraq kuwait july 2020, extreme temperatures july 2020, extremely hot temperatures july 2020
Extreme temperatures recorded in Middle East end of July 2020: 53°C or 127°F in Irak and Kuwait. Ogimet

Weather forecast show that this apocalyptic heatwave will last until August 5, 2020. The highest temperature ever recorded in Kuwait is 129°F (53.9°C).

heatwave middle east, apocalyptic heatwave middle east, heatwave middle east 2020
he apocalyptic heatwave will stay over the Middle East until August 5, 2020. Wxcharts

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