Extreme heat, two wildfires, and potential mudslide risk… And Corona of course… It’s Los Angeles 2020

Lake fire in California, Lake fire in California los angeles, Lake fire in California video, Lake fire in California pictures
Lake fire in California

It’s gonna be hot this weekend. Like reeaally hot.

Temperatures could hit 108 degrees in the valleys, a hellish nightmare, especially for folks without AC.

That heat, plus critically dry brush and some moderate wind gusts, have fire officials warning the risk for fires is extreme. Yes, we’re saying this weekend there will be extreme heat and extreme fire risk.

Already this week, two fires in the forest, the Lake Fire and the Ranch 2 Fire have burned through thousands of acres and forced evacuations. More than 5,000 homes are still threatened in the Lake Hughes area.

Officials say some of the terrain near the Lake Fire hasn’t burned since 1968, which is why it’s more difficult to contain.

Lake fire in California, Lake fire in California los angeles, Lake fire in California video, Lake fire in California pictures
Lake Fire in California.

Some of the Angeles National Forest has now been closed through the end of the year — that’s because the risk of more fires is just so high.

The order impacts the Cottonwood, Spunky Canyon, and Sawmill-Liebre campgrounds, along with a small section of the Pacific Crest Trail, about 13,000-14,000 acres total (which is only 1% of the forest as a whole).

Closing an area is never an easy choice. However, it is our responsibility to continue to protect our communities before and after the fire as well as heal the land as quickly as possible,” said Rachel Smith, Angeles National Forest Deputy Forest Supervisor.

Forest officials say if conditions get better, they plan to use the closure to do needed improvements to prepare for the next possible disaster: mudslides.

We … can’t even process that right now.

If you are planning on going elsewhere in Angeles Nat. Forest this weekend, officials are not allowing any campfires, camp stoves, or BBQ’s. In other words, please don’t light anything on fire.

More weaponized fire information on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [LAist]

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