Rare M5.1 Earthquake Rattles North Carolina – Biggest Quake In NC Since 1916 – 104 Years!


A rare M5.1 earthquake shook the border region of North Carolina and Virginia near Sparta, North Carolina, 8:07 A.M. EDT on August 9, 2020.

Strong shaking was felt in many parts of NC and Virginia. Minor to moderate shaking was felt in parts of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina.

M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina on August 9 2020, M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina on August 9 2020 video, M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina on August 9 2020 picture
M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina on August 9 2020. Picture via Twitter

More than 1,500 reports have already been filed on the USGS website, just 30 minutes after the quake.

While this region of the Appalachians does receive earthquakes, this tremor would tie for the strongest ever recorded there in 1916.

But let’s wait, USGS loves to downgrade magnitudes of earthquakes.

Meanwhile, the USGS has manually revised the depth of the quake to 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) now. This is the usual depth for tectonic quakes in the eastern US.

Due to the rather high magnitude of the shaking, strong intensities are still expected for the epicentral area, but no severe damage is likely. Residents reported feeling the quake between 3-30 seconds depending of their distance from the epicenter.

M5.1 earthquake north carolina shake map
M5.1 earthquake north carolina shake map. Map via USGS

Residents around Sparta and other towns near the epicenter should prepare for aftershocks, which are usually more than a magnitude weaker than the mainshock. Aftershock sequences of M5.0 quakes can last many days and weeks, but they usually do not cause any additional damage.

A smaller M2.6, which was felt by local residents, preceded this quake earlier today and some weaker ones yesterday.

Did you feel the North Carolina earthquake today? If yes please describe your experience in the comments! Thanks!

More earthquake news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [USGS]

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  9. Lot’s of strange things happening. We are having record cool and rain where I live. We have lost just about everything in our garden.

  10. Yes, we felt the earthquake. We live outside Charlotte, NC. Dishes in the cabinets were rattling. Other than that, not much at all.

  11. We live about an hour south west of Sparta in Moravian Falls, NC. This is the strongest earthquake we have ever felt. We raise goats, and it sounded and felt like the goats were running from one end of the roof to the other (which could never happen). It was like a wave and the roof make the most noise. The rattling glasses in the cupboards could also be heard. The last earthquake I felt (the one that hit DC some years back) felt like the floor was shaking. Very different from this one.

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