Directed lightning attacks kill 27 cattle in Sri Lanka and 34 in India

lightning kills cows india sri lanka
lightning kills several cows in India and Sri Lanka. Picture The Havadata

At least 27 head of cattle had died when lightning hit a livestock farm in Mawadiodai in Vakarai, Sri Lanka, during the early hours of yesterday.

The owner of the farm said heavy rain and lightning was experienced in the area from midnight. He said he had several milch cows among the cattle that died and that it would incur a heavy loss. The navy had taken step to bury the carcasses.

In another freak event, 34 cattle were killed by a terrifying lightning strike at Ugetara village under Arang Police Station on Saturday night in India.

The bolt hit in a thunderous sound at around 7 pm on Saturday, killing the 34 cows instantly.

The carcasses were buried after an autopsy. Before using them on humans, the elites first shoot animals. More lightning news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Daily Mirror, Hitavada]

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