How To Increase Your Concentration Time

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Smart work or focus is the name of the day in this age of diversions. It is either an easy excuse to make for poor performance or is one of the most serious mental health issues known to date, lack of concentration.

People suffering from ADHD, Dyslexia, or other related mental health issues find it harder to concentrate on even the most mundane tasks of the day. But where the problem arises is when a focused person loses his mojo and cannot focus on anything at all.

What Weakens Your Concentration Span?

Everyone today realizes that they need to concentrate more on work and studies and let go of the procrastination habits for good, including myself. But what makes it so hard is that we never really can point out why we cannot concentrate or focus on something.

  • Mental health illness is the leading reason and one should always consult a professional for that. The second major reason is the clutter in your life.
  • It is when you pile up a ton of chores to do during a day without prioritizing them that you find it harder to focus on one task at a time. The overly obsession of our generation with multitasking makes us the jack of all trades and the master of none.
  • A cause of irritation can also be a strong reason for why you may not be able to focus or concentrate. E.g. If you’re ill, fatigued, or just going through emotional pain then you will find it harder and harder to focus.

Tips To Improve Your Concentration

The following tips to enhance your concentration-time are entirely from my personal experience. Whether it comes from consulting therapists or learning lessons the hard way in life, I have compiled the ones that I find to be the most helpful as follows.


You soon come to realize that you can achieve much more in life when you are organized than when you are scattered in every decision. Organizing your thoughts and life is without a doubt the best advice to give but the hardest one to act on. This is why I always begin from the most basic scale.

You can start by organizing everything in your surroundings. Tidy up your room, clean the dishes, dust off the shelves, get the dirty clothes to the laundry, and set up your closet. These are the tasks that take less than three minutes each and you will notice them have a very positive impact on your mood.

This is because once that everything in sight is at its right place and nothing needs your calling for work. Be it to improve your writing in college or improve your performance at work.

I like the point of organization because nine times out of ten, we lose concentration because of daily chores that are being an eye-sore. Getting rid of these annoying chores before everything else takes the point of diversion away and also gives you a sense of accomplishment in completing tasks.

Control Your Diet

The food that we eat reflects in our performance and mood during a day.

Eating sweets is good to keep the blood sugar regulated but too much of it can cause nausea, irritation, bloating, and feeling heavy all the time. Similarly, caffeine wakes you up and helps you focus but too much of it can cause hypersensitivity and nausea again. 

To get a normal routine, you need to detox yourself of the sweets, sugars, and any other compound that affects your concentration first.

Everyone has a ritual food item to munch on when trying to focus or concentrate, but the one that I have found to be the most helpful is kratom. Red Bali kratom effects, especially ones purchased from are the most promising and mild compared to other pharmaceutical solutions to boost focus. You can find Kratom online at and at several herbal stores that deal with natural products.


It goes without saying, meditation is the key to enhance deep focus. We know that because it has been in the practice of the Zen Buddhists and Hindu Monks for over several millennia now.

There are many types of meditations with different techniques, durations, and commitments, and all work equally well. The reason why the yogis feel fresh and good after a session is because all they do is focus on their breathing and the present moment.

Once you are well acquainted with the practice, it starts becoming your habit in everyday chores of life. Whenever you feel your mind is wandering off to other thoughts, you rely on your meditation practice to help you focus on the task at hand.

Keep A Journal

I know very well that you have been hearing this through every stage of life but just keep a journal! How hard is it?

Keeping a journal doesn’t necessarily have to be cliché, you don’t have to write everything about your day in it. It only needs to have your plan jotted down for the next day and ticking the things off of it that you manage to do.

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  1. Education, Awareness. Prevention. These are 3 triangles for better yourself indeed. Great Articles as always. May God Bless peace makers.
    Mohsen BC

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