How To Choose The Best Strain Of Cannabis Seeds For Growing

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What are the best strains of cannabis seeds for growing?

There are many strains of cannabis seeds you can use to grow cannabis in your garden. However, the challenge comes in determining which one is suitable for your garden to give you quality weed.

An experienced cannabis grower will find the right cannabis seeds with little effort. However, if you are a starter, it can be quite overwhelming. Your first-time harvest may not be perfect, but with this guide for choosing the best cannabis seeds, you can improve your next weed harvest.

Consider where you will grow your cannabis

Before you begin your search for cannabis seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co., consider whether you are growing them indoors or outdoors. Some strains turn out well when grown indoors, while others will thrive in outdoor conditions.

Indoor growing of cannabis allows you to take more control of the growing environment, but that can be hard to do when you grow it outdoors. While indoor growing will enable you to control the environment, remember the costs involved, such as providing space for growth, electricity for light, and equipment like an exhaust fan to balance the growing room’s humidity. 

Some strains, such as the varieties from the Middle East and Africa, are best suited for outdoor growing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t switch them up. It depends on your green thumb. Before you choose the seeds, know where you will grow them first.

The climate conditions of your location

Before you buy marijuana seeds, consider the climate in your area. The weather applies specifically to the outdoor growing of cannabis plants since they will depend on the natural environment for growth, unlike the indoor controlled growth.

Take note of the total hours of sunlight per day, temperatures, rainfall, wind, and shade of the geographic area. Remember the cannabis plants need maximum exposure to light and limited exposure to light at some point.

The cannabis strain you choose should be able to adapt to the climatic conditions of your area. For instance, if you live in the northern regions, you need to select a cannabis strain to withstand cold and rain.

Fortunately, there are auto-flowering cannabis seeds that grow fast and flower quickly in such cold climates. Although you can raise any cannabis plant outdoors, some strains will do well than others.

The price of cannabis seeds

The price of the cannabis seed is also a determining factor when choosing a cannabis strain. Some seeds are cheap to buy, but they will produce an inferior quality of weed in most cases.

Investing in quality weed seeds can really pay off during harvests-you get more valuable quality weed. You can get cheap cannabis seeds but later find out they are of low germination rate and poor genetics.

Sourcing your weed from a reputable company helps you to get a good quality of cannabis seeds at an affordable price. You can read customer reviews to know if the company is reputable in selling good cannabis seeds strains.

The effect you want with your cannabis

Consider what you want from the cannabis plants. As you know, some strains produce the highest CBD for medical marijuana, while others will have fewer levels. Identify if you want to grow weed for recreational purposes (the high effect) or you want medical marijuana. Some people prefer intensely flavored marijuana, while others want an energizing one.

Others want to get the ‘high effect,’ while others use it to relieve stress, anxiety, and sleep. Marijuana that contains high levels of CBD has medicinal benefits. The strain of cannabis seeds you choose depends on what you want to get from the weed.

Before you select any cannabis strain, identify what effect it has. While some strains are limited to one type of effect, the modern hybrid marijuana seeds combine the effects of various strains. Here are the main types of cannabis seeds and their effects:

Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa strains have an energetic and cerebral impact providing a high effect that is uplifting and euphoric. They are most suitable before performing vigorous activities, for example, before a hike, social activities, or a creative endeavor. They are not ideal if you want to relax or sleep.

Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica strains are suitable for a relaxing and sleep effect. They are physically relaxing that they produce what is commonly known as the ‘couch lock’ effect. They act as physical sedatives that result in a near-immobility state.


Hybrid strains combine both the effects of cannabis Sativa and Indica. Most of the cannabis seeds in the market are modern hybrid strains combined in ratios to balance both. For instance, you can find Indica-dominant strains that contain 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

Such a cannabis strain will result in a relaxation effect inducing sleep due to the cannabis Indica content, but the cannabis Sativa content will counter that effect for balance to keep the user active. That rule applies to many other cannabis hybrids.

Sexing of the cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds can be male or female, and you can buy feminized seeds or regular seeds that are a combination of both sexes. With regular ones, when flowering, you have to kill the male plants and remain with the female unfertilized buds, which are most potent.

The male plants fertilize the female plants to produce seeds, so you have to quarantine the plants to avoid the female buds’ accidental germination. That can be difficult for a beginner.

If you are a starter, it is easier to start with genetically treated feminized seeds to guarantee female plants’ production. That way, you will be at peace since all the plants will turn out to be female.

The bottom line

When it comes to choosing cannabis strains, compare easy and advanced cannabis growing. Some cannabis strains can be easy to grow for beginners, while others require advanced growing methods and are best suited for experienced cannabis growers.

Some strains are naturally healthy and resistant to pests and molds. They will be less picky with nutrients and watering and can withstand many growing errors, while others will require you to be more careful.

The growing ease or difficulty depends on various factors, such as the flowering stage. Choose strains that require low maintenance when growing if you are a beginner.

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