Did something explode over Earth?

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Did something explode over Earth ?A strange phenomenon was captured in constellation Cygus on November 5, 2020. Picture: Lee McClurg from Lake Amistad, Texas via Space Weather Gallery

Sometimes, sky phenomena can surprise the hell out of you!

And this is what exactly happened for sky watchers from Texas to Maryland around 9 pm ET on Nov. 5th, when a mysterious cloud suddenly appeared in the constellation Cygus.

It had a bright core and emitted luminous spiral clouds.

Picture by Taken by Lee McClurg on November 5, 2020 @ Lake Amistad, TX via Space Weather Gallery

Did something explode over Earth?

Sorry but it was most probably excess fuel dumped by the second stage of a Space X Falcon 9 rocket launched earlier from Cape Canaveral.

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  1. We saw this from northern New Mexico.
    I am soooo glad this article was posted, if I hadn’t been with others, I’d thought I was seeing things. It got brighter as it slowly drifted about 10 degrees away from Cygnus, before dimming out. Looked just like the pic using binoculars.

  2. Our atmosphere can with everything. Everything that comes from space, burns in our atmosphere … For now. Health, to take care of everyone. Good luck.

  3. The People of earth will have hard times , May be the NOV 2nd asteroid was delayed and exploded on the sky instead!

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