Disney is collapsing in viral emergency

Disney increases planned layoffs to 32,000 as virus hits park attendance
Disney increases planned layoffs to 32,000 as virus hits park attendance. Picture: Disney

Walt Disney Co said on Wednesday it would lay off about 32,000 workers. This is 4,000 more than the 28,000 announced back in September.

The layoffs will be in the first half of fiscal 2021.

The company struggles with limited park customers due to the current health crisis.

Disney parks are suffering

Disney’s theme park in Southern California is closed. Disneyland Paris was forced to close again late last month.

The theme parks in Florida, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo reopened earlier this year with strict social distancing, testing and mask use.

More news about Disney and its theme parks on Reuters, Disney, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Did Iger resign, or was he forced out? There were stories, but msm black-holed it. That usually indicates there is truth behind the stories, and msm doesn’t want people to ask.

  2. It is mass lay off in the world. We are all hanging from this COVID 20 since it is keep mutating and getting stronger. The Thanks Giving holiday was a super spreader in USA and exprected deaths in 10 days are 4000 plus a day . The recipe of 20 Millions will be homeless in the winter will create a total chaos indeed.

    Digitial passport for COVID 20 is already in progress is upgraded of national ID card. Without it you can do nothing.
    New digital health ID will be used in Covid immunisation, says PM Modi As reported by The Indian Express, a high-level expert group on vaccine administration is looking at mechanisms to track recipients as and when the vaccine is ready to be administered; this is because there could be two or three doses, and population groups must be followed accurately.

  3. that’s because this is where the global elite kidnap most children from for their adrenochrome supply and for sex trafficking. it’s right in front of your eyes and there are huge underground facilities at disneyworld and disneyland that are going to be revealed in this age of aquarius.

  4. Disney cruise lines used to make stops at Epstein island. Wonder why?
    Bunch of Pinocchio pervs. There’s plenty of occult weirdness too. Red pills galore all over the internet on ’em.

      • I used to watch, The Wonderful World of Color, which became, The Wonderful World of Disney. It was Sunday night, after Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.
        Back then, kids really liked the older productions, which came from the 50’s crew. TV back then was more special, and less polluted. Too bad they went further to the dark side. It wasn’t perfect back then either, but much better quality nonetheless, in my opinion.

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