Videos and sounds of war in Ukraine: AIR Raid Sirens going off in Central Donetsk; Evacuations of women, children and elders ordered


Here we go…

AIR Raid Sirens going off in Central Donetsk after Pushilin (Head of DPR) ordered the evacuation of women, children and elders.

The last time air raid sirens were audible in Donetsk, it was the summer of 2014.

Residents of both the Republics DPR and LPR began receiving SMS messages with evacuation instructions.

Donetsk residents queue at ATMs amid wailing sirens following evacuation call:

This video shows the ongoing evacuations:

Here some cars queuing as Donetsk and Lugansk Republics evacuation are underway

Today, 18 February 2022, at about 4am Moscow time, a Ukrainian sabotage Group attempted to blow up tanks storing ammonia on the territory of the Stirol plant in Gorlovka which then ensued in a firefight & some casualties according to the Ministry of State Security of the DPR.

Bombing are currently going on in Donbass:

People take shelters in basements:

Very intense fights between Prorussians and Ukraine Army!

History lessons:

Is it the beginning of WWIII?

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