Turkey’s grain store is being completely devoured by gigantic sinkholes (video)

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Turkey giant sinkholes

The Konya Plain knows as Turkey’s grain store faces drought due to excessive irrigation.

For this reason, sinkholes in the region continue to threaten farmers.

70 percent of Konya’s population is engaged in agriculture and livestock in this plain.

This reminds me of what is going on in Israel and surrounding countries with more than 3,700 sinkholes sinkholes devouring the coastline of the drying Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is indeed drying up at an incredible rate and leaves behind huge craters that destroy the coast and agriculture.

In this post look at different seas and lakes, among others the Dead Sea, completely disappearing from the maps in a few decades. It’s very scary!

More sinkhole news on Yahoo, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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