Lightning fried chicken for Thanksgiving

1000 chicken killed by lightning in Zimbabwe
1000 chicken killed by lightning in Zimbabwe

A farmer in Zimbabwe was left baffled when she saw a lightning bolt killing all of her 1,000 chicken in one shot on Nov. 24th.

You would tell me “hey! perfect! it’s two days before Thanksgiving and everybody is looking for fried chicken at the market.”

But no this farmer was left devastated. She indeed had a potential buyer, but for living animals. OMG!

It all happened on Tuesday around 4pm, when a huge ball of fire struck the fowl run. It must have been really scary. 

This comes amid warnings of more violent storms in the Matabeleland region, with heavy rains, possibility of flash flooding, damaging winds and lots of lightning.

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    • We get massive thunderstorms with big bolts. I had a picture of lightning hitting a tree on my east pasteur. I could feel the heat from the strike too. 50 yards away.

      One time I was standing outside with a mechanic (in 1980), A huge bolt (and explosion noise) hit the top of a telephone pole about 40 yards away. Pole was smoking and blackened.

      Saw a video a few years ago with ball lightning. That is some weird stuff.

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