EMF radiation damages cells, tissues, proteins, DNA and degenerates immune systems – So what about 5G and its effects on the Coronavirus epidemic ?

EMF radiation can reduces our immunity response, 5g coronavirus link
EMF radiation can reduces our immunity response.

Can radiation damage cells and your immunity? Yes. And these results aren’t actually brand new!

In a 2014 study led by the National Institute of Health of Great Britain, scientists have shown that doses of charged particles – like for example, the electromagnetic field (EMF) – can cause acute and persistent oxidative stress, which can lead to cell, tissue, protein and DNA damages as well as the supression of immune responses.

So why are we letting governments roll out 5G networks?

Why is corona mostly attacking ‘connected’ countries (i.e., North America, Brazil, Europe, Japan, China, India) relying on EMF technology and installing these new-generation wireless systems?

We are currently living in a sick system that contributes to damaging our cells, proteins, DNA and souls and to developing a range of health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Our lifestyle is killing us!

Well, according to the conclusions of the above-mentioned paper, it sounds like to me that EMF radiation of any types – 5G and 4G included – could be linked to the Corona epidemic.

5G networks don’t spread the SARS-CoV2 virus, but help its proliferation by supressing our immunity.

More technology news on UK.gov, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Great we were worried , since i was hacked 2 weeks ago multiple times, and all this Russian and China attack on us. Great Strange sounds, Some times your system slow to post i think. Great but all Microsoft now have virus put by China or Russia.

  2. One thing good about being way out in the mountains, we don’t have convenient places for those 5G sites— like they do in the city.

    Sure, they want to bring all the blight and degeneracy here, but it will take too much effort with most people, not inclined.

  3. What do 5G, Vax, and Kung-flu have in common?

    Possibly to lower our immunity to catalyze their depopulation agenda?

    Then the fallout, and more depopulation.
    Everything I have read on 5G is bad too.

  4. I wrote an article never posted , Strange Sounds please check is your servers in EU
    are under attack? I re post it now.
    I said when technician comes in your home first of all they are trained to be spies as well. All the time looking for guns or things to be reported. If you see them , they never hurry because they write reports on you. Then leave properties. They always put 2.4ghz and 5ghz on in your home and you are so happy you have wireless.
    They have orders to not give control of universal modem or wireless that charge you 10+ Dollars . You need end their crap now ,buy your own modem and wireless
    separately and you have access to all of it. If you use wireless put it on 2.4ghz is more than enough it can connect 100 more computers. At the most you may have 5-10 things . Also at night turn off your all wireless modem or ask you what time to time you want it on. Many of us have no control ,but reserch it is easy as possible. Good luck

  5. I have researched this whole EMF 5G area for months. I have just completed a 50 report that goes through the entire biology effects of COVID and 5G and why we are seeing the effects that are happening. It has been blessed by several eminent health professionals who have reviewed it. I would like to get it out there to whoever wants to read it. Let me know how to link to it.

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