Apocalyptic fires in Chile turn sky RED and prompt thousands of evacuations (video and pictures)

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Violent fires turn sky red in Chile. Picture via Youtube video

Wildfires raged in Chile’s Valparaiso region on Friday, turning the sky red and forcing the evacuation of thousands of people from their homes.

The forest fire, that began on Thursday, has already destroyed more than 3,400 hectares of grasslands, bushes and forests and has not been contained yet, with at least two sources remaining active.

On Friday, officials ordered the evacuation of some 25,000 residents and hundreds of firefighters were deployed to help battle the fires.

Meanwhile, the dangerous fire has already destroyed ten buildings, leaving more than a dozen homeless and about 7,000 evacuees.

The mayor of Valparaiso announced yesterday he would begin a process against a person who was arrested in the Casa Blanca commune, in the region, for initiating a burning of grasslands.

Neither deaths nor injuries have been reported.

It is feared that the fire will get out-of-control on Sunday, as meteorologists have forecast high temperatures (>32°F) with strong winds and very low humidity.

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  1. If not done by pyromaniacs, wildfires are mostly started by lightning bolts striking trees and setting them ablaze. High temperatures and very dry winds usually send the wildfires rampaging throughout the forests as well.

    • We get red skies from controlled burn off in forest areas. At sunset, it turns orange and red, with some other sunset colors. Looks pretty and dramatic. If you have pollen allergies, the smoke makes it worse.

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