Asia is shaking hard: Just after the M7.1 earthquake off Fukushima, Japan, a M6.0 hit Papua New Guinea

M6.0 earthquake hits PNG just after M7.1 earthquake off Fukushima, Japan on February 13
M6.0 earthquake hits PNG just after M7.1 earthquake off Fukushima, Japan on February 13, 2021.

Less than half an hour after the M7.1 earthquake off Fukushima, Japan, a M6.0 struck Papua New Guinea at 1:33 a.m. local time (3:33 p.m. UTC) on February 13/14, 2021.

Similar to the Japan earthquake, the PNG quake struck at intermediate depth (52 km or 32 miles).

There is no tsunami risk. There will be no damage, injuries or deaths related to the strong jolt.

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  1. I think I read certain tribes in New Guinea still practice cannibalism, and brain sandwiches? That twerp on cnn ate some too.

  2. I know most americans have shit for brains,BUT THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE ANYMORE,everyone saw the TWO OUTER MOONS PASSING OVER DUBAI,of the nibiru mini solar system..ITS so close to earth now the atmosphere is being drug around all over the planet,its so crazy now, even the weather people can’t get it right because those planets are pulling it this way,then that way,AND ITS GOING TO GET A LOT WORSE,the girls in alaska put up a new video the other day,their web site is “THE FINAL DAYS” showing the outer planets passing over alaska ,I hope all you guys are ready,things are going to get wild now with our planets atmosphere..WE’LL soon see bursts of WIND,200 mph,to 400 mph,and temptures up and down like a yo-yo,WHO”S READY IN AMERICA,very few…

    • SOLVED.
      Two moons in Dubai: Mystery solved
      By: staff reporter Published Date: February 9, 2021
      The two moons visible over Dubai’s Al Qudra area.


      Two moons spotted in Dubai: Mystery finally solved

      DUBAI – As the UAE’s first space mission, Hope Probe, neared the Mars orbit on Tuesday (February 9), the mystery behind the “two moons” that appeared in Dubai’s Al Qudra area was finally solved.

      Photos of the moons went viral on social media, with people wondering whether they were real or simply Photoshopped.

      Well, the mystery has now been debunked. The UAE Government Media Office put all speculation to rest after it said that the two Martian moons were part of the Hope Probe campaign.

      “The Mars Mission is one of the biggest challenges of the country’s history and one of the boldest initiatives of the UAE: Conquer space. So, to create awareness around this important fact, nothing better than bring the two moons of Mars to Earth,” said Khaled AlShehhi, Executive Director of Production and Digital Communication Sector at UAE Government Media Office.

      According to the media office, the moons Phobos and Deimos were projected onto the Dubai sky using two 100-metre cranes and a high-tech screen that spanned 40 metres.

  3. Once was enough for Fukushima. One of my childhood pals moved to Japan. Checking with his brother now. See if they felt anything.

    • Sometimes a big quake will trigger another quake on the ring of fire. It’s weird, but I can remember a few times. Made a mental note back then.

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