Terrifying video shows freerider buried in avalanche and rescued unconscious after 5 minutes by his own brother

Scary video: A skier was buried for five minutes, but was found and dug out within five minutes by his own brother
Scary video: A skier was buried for five minutes, but was found and dug out within five minutes by his own brother. Picture: PM

Avalanches have killed dozens of skiers and snowboarders around the world this year.

Now, a group of professional freeriders have just released a scary video showing one of them being buried under an avalanche during five minutes, before being rescued by his own brother…

Now, look at the helmet-cam footage… It’s totally insane!

In the clip above, Lake Schorderet gets buried while skiing with his brother and two friends.

They shared this footage to educate others about the risk of getting complacent. The stoke was high, but they admit they made a number of mistakes, such as jumping into an unknown face and then making turns with two skiers.

Lake was buried for five minutes and was unconscious when he was found. Luckily, he made it out alive. Two helicopters were on the scene in 30 minutes.

Avalanche records around the world

Similar to the US, deaths related to snow avalanche are skyrocketing in Switzerland this year.

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Deaths related to avalanches are skyrocketing around the world. Example Switzerland. Picture: Schweiz Aktuell

Sahara Sand

Skiing in the Alps right now is very dangerous… Snow conditions have been worsened by several Sahara dust storms that deposited a layer of sand grains inbetween the different layers of snow

According to WePowder, “Sahara sand can serve as a weak layer or a sliding layer for avalanches in case of new snowfall. In addition, polluted snow does not have the reflective characteristics that a white snow cover has. Because of the Sahara sand, the snow cover is now more sensitive to the sun’s radiation and will melt faster than white snow cover.

Be safe out there and if you love freeride, get your avalanche kit asap.

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