Will the Cascadia Earthquake be the worst disaster North America has ever seen?

cascadia worst disaster history of the US
Cascadia worst disaster history of the US. Via Youtube video

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a sleeping monster lurking just off the Northwest coast of the United States.

It extends 600 miles between Northern California and Vancouver B.C. and experiences a massive megathrust earthquake every 250 years on average.

The last one happened 321 years ago and scientists say there is a 30% chance we’ll see another in the next 50 years.

It’s expected to rival the 9.0 quake that shook Japan for 6 minutes, which was the most destructive natural disaster in human history.

It unleashed a tsunami that reached 100 feet in some areas, caused an estimated $360 billion in damages and claimed some 16,000 lives.

If this sounds ominous, that’s because it is.

As catastrophic as the Tohoku quake was, Japan is light years ahead of the United States when it comes to earthquake preparedness.

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This grim reality has many experts very worried.

This video presents scientists’ thoughts about what we can expect when the “Big One” does hit, the kinds of work that need to be done to make our communities more resilient, and what you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Always be prepared! [Youtube]

Here’s the best article ever written about this Cascadia disaster… And if you want to get hidden information from you, I would suggest you to watch this documentary (press on the picture below):

cascadia the big one documentary

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  1. THE LORD JESUS TOLD HIS PEOPLE TO BE OFF THE COAST BY “APRIL 15th”..the coasts are soon to be under the pacific ocean..9.2 in washington,then a 12.5 in central california the next day..

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