The Grand Solar Minimum will last until 2070


A periodic solar event called a “Grand Solar Minimum” has started in 2020 and will probably last until 2070.

grand solar minimum
Grand Solar Minimum

During this period, the sun’s magnetic field is weak, allowing extra cosmic rays into the solar system. All in all, we will enter a cooler time period… And this cold spell may last up to 50 years…

During a solar minimum, and particularly, a Grand Solar Minimum, more cosmic rays (CRs) enter Earth’s atmosphere.

These particles act as cloud nuclei by ionization and propagate low level cloud formation.

Some cosmic rays may reach the Earth’s surface and even penetrate it, increasing the intensity and numbers of:

? Storm, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon,
? Downpours,
? Snowstorms and blizzards,
? Tornadoes,
? Hail,
? Flooding and flash floods,
? Global cooling,
? Earthquakes,
? Volcanoes,
? Lightning, other lightning events

? Unprecedented solar flares

Grand Solar Minima and their related cooler phases are historically linked to drought, heat waves and wildfires due to extreme jet stream disturbances.

During the Little Ice Age, temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere declined by only 0.6°C (1.1°F) relative to the average temperature between 1000 and 2000 CE, but brutal frost and snow events led to devastating crop failures.

A Grand Solar Minimum occurs approximately every 200 years. The last notable event was the Dalton Minimum c. 1790 – 1820, which was followed by the end of the Little Ice Age, the 2nd Industrial Revolution, unprecedented demographic increase and the beginning of the modern global warming trend (which began c. 1850 and lasted until c. 2000). [Facebook]

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  1. Peter 68’s cyclical data and numbers are correct, except for the duration of the Eddy Minimum, which could very likely last 40 to 70 years,(not 400)

  2. The question is how much of our climate is associated with inputs from man verses dynamic changes in the sun. Clearly looking at the 200-2020 year cycle of the sun it has significant variations which begs the question, was this 200-220 cycle of the sun included in modern-day climate models?

    • Climate models are written and “CHANGED!!!!” to follow CO2 levels. Because CO2 FOLLOWS global temperature, it is ALWAYS behind the temperature trends. Solar output changes are NOT included because many of the liars will go to their graves rather than even consider it’s the sun.

      The warmer it gets, the higher the CO2 levels as they FOLLOW temperatures upward. The climate psychos said that that July 2022 was the third warmest….. THAT IS A LIE.

      If you look at realclimatescience you will see that we aren’t even close to the HOT days of the 1930’s. The US has the best temperature data in the world, and we are NOW getting cooler. IF the Russian woman mathematician is even close to being right, we will soon know that the NOAA climate “experts” are idiots and liars.

  3. I knew it was getting colder and thought it would only stretch out to 2043. 2070 is a long time. Funny thing is, the decreasing solar activity is causing the Earth to set off volcanos to keep itself warm; spewing smoke and ash into the atmosphere by the tons; in turn, cooling off the Earth even faster. This is why Bill Gates is a stupid moron, the Earth already beat him to it.

  4. According to some US universities, the Grand Solar Minimum will not start until 2030. We just started solar cycle 25 “in December 2020” and the solar activity is only now on the rise. Between 2023 and 2025, the sun will reach its maximum activity, after which it will decrease again around 2027. And only after that will the sun slide into a Grand Solar Minimum. According to some scientists it could last between 40 and 400 years but no one know for sure because we have never experience it. The only facts we have are stories, soil samples and notes from monks studying weather patterns. Have a great day. ?

      • But he’s right in a sense… We only have hypothesis right now… But time shows increasing extreme weather events, cold blasts, dramatic tornadoes, and erupting volcanoes… Let see if the trend keeps going…

      • No one seems to be clued in on Comet C/2017 K2’s effect on the sun. SC 25’s anomalous progression is entirely due to K2’s immense opposing polarity to the sun. Had it not been for K2 the earth would have even deeper into the GSM at this time. After K2 passes perihelion look for a brutal winter this year and even worse the following winter and thereafter. We can expect a devastating series of CMEs before K2’s effect tapers off after perihelion. If K2 had passed any closer to the sun, there would have been an extinction level event caused by a series of unprecedented CMEs.

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