Major M7.2 earthquake off Colombia mysteriously disappears from quake maps!


About 4 hours ago, a M7.2 earthquake was reported by VolcanoDiscovery:

M7.2 earthquake reported off Colombia on April 22 2021
A major M7.2 earthquake was reported off Colombia on April 22 2021… Now, it has disappeared from the worldwide quake maps…

On their website, they wrote:

This record is considered not to be from an actual earthquake. It could be due to some other (unkown) event causing shaking, such as explosions, sonic booms, weather or other human or natural causes.

Even officially reported earthquakes are sometimes removed again later when seismic signals first processed automatically are later re-interpreted manually not to be from real quakes.

This major M7.2 earthquake is not showing on any worldwide earthquake maps, now… Two of the main ones: EMSC and USGS, for example…

M7.2 earthquake reported off Colombia on April 22 2021
A major M7.2 earthquake was reported off Colombia on April 22 2021… But it has now disappeared from the various quake maps…

So what the heck! If it wasn’t an earthquake what was it? A bomb? An underwater explosion? A boat explosion? An oil platform explosion?

Kind of weird in these times of tensions and ‘war’… Now get your own Earthquake warning alarm

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  1. Make your own seismograph, its easy, and data log using a $25 Arduino logger. Also, correlate with a simple electrometer and know when nukes, meteor showers, storms etc are happening.

  2. Hmmm, wonder if they have D.U.M.B.S in Columbia. Seems like a good place to put one. Then the satanic elites could be close to dope, kids, and other creepyshit.

  3. The station could have been disturbed or bumped by a person servicing it, an animal, maybe a tree fell on it. A glitch in the program or software. Anything is possible. An earthquake that size would cause damage. In this internet age we would’ve heard something if it really happened. No conspiracy here. Sorry but stupid article.

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