Severe drinking water and farming crisis in India as major tributaries of Ganges River dry up


Normally overwhelming, the Mahendratanaya river, flowing through Gajapati district and neighbouring Andhra Pradesh in India, is now completely dry… A severe drinking water and farming crisis is quickly sweeping across the region…

Mahendratanaya river dries up water crisis india, river dries up in india, india river dries up april 2021,Mahendratanaya River dries up in India... Looming food and drinking water crisis
Mahendratanaya River dries up in India… Looming food and drinking water crisis.

Water shortage has resulted in acute crisis for the farming sector, with thousands of hectares of vegetables devastated…

The river disappearance worsens the already critical drinking water crisis in the region.

There is so little water that the company responsible for drinking water supply had to dredge the river bed to channelise water to the mouth of the suction pipes.

The neighbouring state Odisha is building barrages along the river to use the water for electricity and irrigation… You bet people downstream have nothing but dry riverbeds…

Meanwhile, officials have decided to supply drinking water to people with tankers. Best decision ever, isn’t it?

Many disappearing rivers in India

The Mahendratanaya is not the only drying river in India…

According to a new scientific paper, twenty-two of the Gomti river’s 26 tributaries have almost dried up and there is no flow left in the remaining four…

The river flows through 14 districts of Uttar Pradesh. Excessive use of ground water and low recharge of the underground water table are responsible for this disastrous phenomenon.

There are around 2,000 water bodies in the Gomti river basin. They all have to be revived.

This also means less water in the Ganges, since all these rivers are major tributaries of the holy waterway.

Three weeks ago, another huge river in China has suddenly dried up, and the original river bed has become a large desert near Wuhan. Here an amazing video:

And if you add up last week’s major receding water event in Croatia and huge lakes drying up across the world… There is really something strange going on with our drinking water…

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