Building shakes violently for unknown reasons in Shenzhen, China sending crowds of people fleeing in panic in the streets


There was no earthquake when this happened! A building in Shenzhen shook violently for unknown reasons, and all the people on the scene were evacuated from the skyscraper!

The 300-metre high SEG Plaza (back R) inexplicably began to shake, prompting an evacuation of people inside Anthony WALLACE
The 300-meter high SEG Plaza (back R) inexplicably began to shake, prompting an evacuation of people inside Anthony WALLACE

SEG Plaza, a supertall building that is the 18th tallest in Shenzhen, China, had to be evacuated yesterday when it started to shake.

Footage on social media shows crowds of people fleeing in panic as the building started swaying just after noon local time on May 18, 2021. SEG Plaza has been evacuated and remains blocked off.

Government claims building is safe

The main structure of Shenzhen SEG Plaza is safe!” Shenzhen’s city government announced on microblogging website Weibo.

The cause of the building’s vibration is under investigation, and the follow-up situation will be announced in time,” it added.

No new round of vibration has occurred in the building, and the main structure and surrounding environment are safe and stable.

Completed in 2000 by Hua Yi Designing Consultants, the skyscraper has a roof height of 292 metres plus an antenna that makes it 356 meters tall.

Wobbling currently unexplained

The reason for the shaking is currently unexplained. The Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau detected no earthquakes around the time of the wobbling, and wind speeds were only 27 kilometers an hour.

SEG Plaza is in Huaquiangbei, Shenzhen’s electronics district. It was built for Shenzhen Electronics Group, which has offices in the building, along with a market full of shops selling electronic components.

China skyscraper wobbles, spreading panic in downtown Shenzhen
China skyscraper wobbles, spreading panic in downtown Shenzhen. Picture Wikimedia Commons

At 70 stories and topped by a helipad, the supertall skyscraper is the 104th tallest building in China.

SEG Plaza is the 18th tallest building in Shenzhen, a city that’s home to 283 completed skyscrapers. The tallest in the city is the 599-meter-high Ping An Finance Centre by Kohn Pederson Fox, which completed in 2017.

Last year the Chinese government banned the construction of new skyscrapers over 500 meters and restricted the building of anything over 250 meters.

Problems were recently reported at another supertall skyscraper in New York. Residents of the Rafael Viñoly-designed 425-meter-tall 432 Park Avenue complained of getting trapped in the lifts during high winds. [Dezeen]

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  1. Yes, there is a reason for the building shaking, it’s Gods way of warning China to pay for releasing the Chinese virus on the world.
    Do you really think that China will not be held accountable?

  2. The islands of Hong Kong and the China coastline that holds Shenzhen reside on platelets that are known to be floaters that can slide in various directions. An earthquake happens when a tightly locked plate border or fault line is forced to slide or subduct. In this area of southeast Asia, the platelets are floaters – not attached to each other firmly. Thus a platelet can and will tilt back and forth during an adjustment, and this is what happened for the SEG Plaza. The platelets bumped each other and settled into a new arrangement.THE POLE SHIFT IS COMING PLANET X NORTH POLE IS MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTED TO OURS WHICH IS CAUSING THE POLE REVERSAL

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