The Hardest Bosses in Tibia

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What are the hardest bosses in Tibia? Picture via Facebook

When people say “they don’t make MMO’s like they used to”, they are normally referring to games like Tibia Online that still incorporate the spirit of what this game has always been about.

In no other aspect of the game is this so clear as in its terrifying bosses, with powers capable of killing even the most experienced players in droves and horror-inducing presence that will have you shivering in your boots from the very first seconds of the fight.

To remember these titans of the gaming world, we have compiled this short list with the three toughest bosses in Tibia, and will explore exactly what makes them so special.

The Last Lore Keeper

The aptly named last boss of the forgotten knowledge quest line is a vengeful spirit that is eternally reading spells from his book and guards it from those that are unworthy to scry its many secrets.

He is also a flying spell slinging menace that will rain down hellfire upon those that would dare stand before him, he also uses energy and earth based attacks, can detect invisible entities and summons the dreaded sword of vengeance.

Players coming into this mad guardian’s hall need to have just the right equipment and fulfill every step of the fight zealously to even stand a chance, but if they do, some of the best armor in the game (along with no small amount of Tibia coins from Eldorado) shall be their reward.

Goshnar’s Megalomania

A fragment of the dreadful corrupted knight, Goshnar, his megalomania has taken physical form and is now one of the most powerful bosses in the entire soul war quest line and one of the newest high stakes challenge in the game.

Your encounter with him is preceded by a series of mini-bosses, each having their own special tactic that needs to be employed in order to win, until you finally reach Goshnar’s megalomania itself, which then has you apply all the strategies learned so far.


There is absolutely no way to make this list without mentioning the terror of tibia, the most terrifying enemy in all of Tibia, he who once ruled Roshamuul and shatters dreams in a barrage of nightmares. Gaz’Hagaroth.

This mutated demon has several high caliber area of effect spells that when deployed will kill multiple level 800+ players in droves, unless you have a solid strategy and nerves of steel, it is simply impossible to defeat him.

He also has some of the best damn loot in the game, dropping some legendary weapons and a ton of coins that make all the trouble of defeating him worth it.


Tibia is one of the best old school MMOs out there, not just because of how it handles bosses in a way that makes them worthy of the title, but also for how it handles its questing and character building.

The nostalgic gamers are right, games like Tibia are simply not made anymore.

This, on the other hand, makes the call to challenge the monstrosities of this world even more appealing, whoever doesn’t want to say they have overcome some of the biggest challenges in online gaming?

Which leads us to today’s question: What is the hardest boss you’ve ever had to face? Tell us in the comments!

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