Palisades fire explodes out-of-control: Mandatory evacuations across Los Angeles County as fast growing and 0% contained fire sweeps across Topanga State Park


Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for the area near Topanga Canyon due to the Palisades Fire.

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Palisades fire explodes to 750 acres and 0% containment. Mandatory evacuations on May 16, 2021. Picture via Youtube video

The area affected, at Topanga State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains, is approximately 20 miles west of downtown Los Angeles.

About 1,000 people evacuated from their homes Sunday morning as a result of the fire.

Approximately 750 acres have burned and there is 0% containment.

There are approximately 300 firefighters on the scene of the blaze, which began Saturday.

Mandatory evacuation zones

Two zones, identified as 4 and 6, of the department’s tactical map have been ordered to evacuate.

Zone 4 includes everything east of Topanga Canyon between the Community House and View Ridge.

Zone 6 is everyone north of Entrada, south of Oakwood and east of Henry Ridge.

Fire containment and weather forecast

It is difficult to determine the fire’s containment because overcast weather is making it difficult to fly aircraft over the area.

Rainy weather Sunday morning has helped contain the blaze, but officials expect the rain to stop by noon local time and fire activity to ramp up.

Firefighters are working to keep the fire away from an area that hasn’t burned in more than 50 years.

It is unclear how many homes or residents are impacted by the mandatory evacuation order. Homes are not currently threatened.

There’s a lot of dense, thick material there, oily plants that have dried out because of the drought,” Ortiz said. “So that’s our objective today to try to keep it out of that and protect the communities and neighborhoods that are to the west of this fire because that’s what’s closest to it.

Suspicious fire start

The fire’s cause was deemed to be a “suspicious start,” according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Investigators are working with the LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department LASD to identify a suspect and determine the cause.

No injuries have been reported as of late Saturday, according to the department. [CNN]

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  1. everyone should be responsible for their own existence. And I wouldn’t be surprised if these rich neighborhoods were set on fire by the poor.

    • Well, it happened on multiple occasions. The lamestream media didn’t report on it. Also, homeless doze off, and fires start too.
      I remember reading reports that pantifa started fire last summer.
      Then its goodnfor the fed disaster relief money to squander. Alt type of angels.

      • Hi!
        Justice people demand, justice.
        the rich also need to bear the burden of responsibility. Let them at least in this way, and not cut off their heads, like the was with french aristocrats .

  2. Familiar with zones.
    Canyons and winds. Places is gorgeous with trees and so forth. Hippy dippy area. Nudist colony, lol.

    They used to do brush clearance back when they weren’t being communist imbeciles.

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