Are the apocalyptic spring melts in northern Canada announcing a remake of the biblical Great Flood of 2019?


I really hope 2021 will not be a remake of 2019… You remember the apocalyptic floods in Spring 2019 across the Midwestern United States, primarily along the Missouri River and its tributaries in Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa, and Kansas?

Well, a similar nightmare is currently hitting parts of the Northwest Territories in Canada… Do you think this major Arctic spring melt is a sign of new biblical floods across southern Canada and the United States in 2021… just two years after ‘The Great Flood of 2019.’

Fort Simpson orders island evacuation, declares state of emergency
Fort Simpson orders island evacuation, declares state of emergency. Picture: CBC

The sirens sounded for a second time in Fort Simpson, N.W.T., just before 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, signalling that water levels along the Mackenzie River had reached 15 meters.

That triggered a final evacuation order for people who live on the island, which is home to about sixty per cent of Simpson’s 1,200 residents.

Officials in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories have ordered island residents in the community to evacuate their homes, and have declared a state of local emergency because of rising flood waters.

Charles Blyth shared this video of ice moving on the Mackenzie River near Fort Simpson on Saturday, May 8. Very impressive:

Mayor Sean Whelly spoke to CBC shortly before the general evacuation was issued, standing on the causeway that leads off the island, pointing to the community’s flooded golf course.

We’ve got things floating all over the place,” he said, noting the municipal dock is floating down the river. “It’s quite the scene.

What I’m seeing right now is exactly where we were in 1989,” he said, referencing the most recent bad flood year.

At the time I was younger. I wasn’t thinking about everybody else’s safety as I am now.

Whelly said the health centre had already closed, with all long-term patients moved off the island. Some had been moved to Norman Wells while others were taken to Fort Smith.

He expected power to be shut off at any moment, but said the situation wasn’t totally dire.

Many people had moved in with family and friends in the subdivisions up the hill from the island, he said.

I think we can make it a few days without any difficulties.

If the water were to completely inundate Fort Simpson, he added, “I think that’s where we’d have trouble.

However, he doesn’t expect that to occur.

It looks worse than it is right now, let’s put it that way. But it can certainly get worse.

He expected to spend much of the day ferrying more people to a temporary camp site established on higher ground.

Fort Smith was chosen as an evacuation centre due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Yellowknife and the fact that the other regional centre, Hay River, is also experiencing flooding in its Vale Island area. Jean Marie River is also dealing with flooding.

It’s looking really scary because you don’t know what’s gonna happen,” evacuated say of the flooding.

Many also reported a lot of changes on the river, including more sandbars in the river, making seasonal ice breakup less predictable. [CBC, Yahoo]

So the situation is already very bad up north. Imagine when the same will happen down south! I really hope 2021 will not be a remake of 2019…

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