Apocalyptic heatwave is coming to torch the Pacific Northwest again – It will get so hot even roads could melt!

heat wave, Pacific Northwest, June 2021, heat wave Pacific Northwest June 2021
Are streets going to melt again along the Pacific Northwest coast this week? Picture: Yellowstone National Park road melting in 2014…

Confidence is increasing that an episode of historic heat will torch much of the Pacific Northwest late this week into early next, with temperatures 30 degrees or more above average set to topple monthly and all-time records.

Record-Breaking and Dangerous Heatwave coming to the West,” tweeted the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center Wednesday. “Over 80 sites are forecast to break daily high temperature records starting this weekend.

Highs on Sunday could approach 100 degrees in Seattle and 107 in Portland, Ore., cities where a significant portion of the population lacks air conditioning. Seattle has only reached the century mark twice in more than 75 years of records. If Portland hits 107, it would match its highest temperature ever recorded.

Three words will describe weather for inland areas this weekend into early next week … HOT, VERY HOT,” the National Weather Service office in Portland wrote in a discussion.

In Spokane, Wash., the mercury could reach 110 degrees by Monday. The Weather Service in the Spokane office is referring to the episode as a “historic and dangerous heat wave,” predicting triple-digit heat Saturday to Tuesday. “We currently anticipate that Tuesday will be the hottest day with highs between 105 and 115 for most of the inhabited area,” it wrote.

The Weather Service has issued excessive-heat watches from extreme Northern California through large parts of Oregon and Washington, warning that heat-related illnesses are likely for some, with concern for residents without adequate air conditioning — “i.e. a lot of people,” the Spokane office wrote.

How the heat wave will evolve

Temperatures were already toasty Tuesday across the Columbia Basin of eastern Washington state and extreme northeast Oregon, where highs climbed into the upper 90s. That marks a mere taste of what’s to come. Wednesday and Thursday will feature similar temperatures before the mercury spikes Friday, with a few spots hitting 100.

Widespread highs in the range of 100 to 110 degrees are expected Saturday, both within the coastal valleys and well inland. Temperatures may top 110 degrees in some spots by Sunday, with signals that the heat may stick around until the middle of next week.

The skyrocketing temperatures can be traced to a sprawling ridge of high pressure colloquially known as a “heat dome.” That high deflects inclement weather to the north, bringing copious sunshine, sinking air and clear skies. Weak high pressure is in control across the northwestern Lower 48 but will be replaced by a robust high-pressure system slated to move ashore and into southern British Columbia during the day Saturday.

In downtown Seattle, a high near 96 is forecast Saturday, 97 Sunday and 94 on Monday. Average highs this time of year tend toward 74.

The airport has hit 100 degrees or higher only twice — once on July 20, 1994, and again July 29, 2009, when highs spiked to 103. While that’s not in the forecast now, temperature predictions have been trending hotter, and both the American GFS and European models hint that it’s possible, illustrating just how rare heat of this magnitude will be.

It has been nearly three years since Seattle logged an official heat wave, entailing three consecutive days at or above 90 degrees.

Farther inland, temperatures will be markedly warmer, as in Spokane. The city of nearly 220,000 could see highs topping 90 degrees for upward of a week in the current weather pattern. Both weekend days are expected to top 100 (102 Saturday and 106 Sunday), with Monday and Tuesday’s high anticipated to reach around 110. That would break the city’s June record of 105 and all-time (any month) record of 108 degrees.

Multiple days in a row of these temperatures will make heat illness all the more likely if precautions aren’t taken because the heat will continue to stress the body each day,” wrote the Weather Service office in Spokane.

heat wave pacific northwest june 202, pacific northwest heat wave june 2021
Map showing the difference in temperatures between the average daily temperature and the forecast temperature for the US as an historic tempreature increase will reach the Pacific Northwest this week. Picture: WeatherBell

In Yakima, Wash., the heat will also be unbearable, with highs near 110 degrees Sunday through Tuesday. In nearly 80 years of bookkeeping, Yakima has measured only two stretches of three or more days hitting 105 degrees. Yakima has also hit 110 degrees only once on record — on Aug. 10, 1971. It’s not out of the question that Monday ties or breaks a record.

Other cities in the Pacific Northwest will also be excessively hot: A high of 107 is expected in Boise, Idaho, on Monday. Medford, Ore., could hit 107, too.

The heat will be dangerous both because of its extreme magnitude and extended duration. With nighttime lows falling to only around 70 in most places, there will be little opportunity for the air inside homes to cool off. Two-thirds of Seattle-area and nearly one-third of Portland homes lack air conditioning. That means the elderly and vulnerable populations will be especially at risk for heat-related illnesses, since mild nighttime lows will offer little relief for the body.

Enhanced risk of drought and fires

Conditions will also be problematic from a wildfire and drought standpoint. Red-flag warnings for wildfire danger are posted from the Four Corners region through interior Oregon, and more alerts will be issued in the days ahead. A few “dry thunderstorms” — or lightning-producing thunderstorms with little to no rain — are possible, which could ignite new blazes.

As of Wednesday, large fires were active in 11 states. So far this year, more than 29,000 fires, the most in a decade, have burned more than 1.1 million acres, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

US drought monitor outlook june 2021
Drought map of the USA for June 2021. Map by US Drought Monitor Outlook

Equally disconcerting will be the exacerbation of ongoing extreme to exceptional drought in the West. The forthcoming outbreak of heat will further dry soils and reinforce drought conditions. The drought, in turn, will make future extreme heat events more likely.

The heat will unfortunately be bad news for farmers, too,” wrote the National Weather Service in Spokane. “Low relative humidities and no precipitation will worsen the already bad drought. Plus, fuel models suggest record dryness this early in the season, so wildfires are a concern.

More than 55 percent of the West is experiencing an extreme or exceptional drought — the two most severe categories — as scant precipitation and above-average temperatures wreak havoc on agriculture and water resources. Looking ahead, continued anomalously hot and dry conditions are expected there for the remainder of the summer.

Just a week after the last historic wave

This next blast of heat comes on the heels of a historic heat wave that set nearly 4,000 records in the West last week. Phoenix hit at least 115 degrees for a record six days in a row, and Tucson topped 110 for a record eight straight days. The heat wave expanded into Mexico, where a location just south of the U.S. border soared to 124.5 degrees, the highest temperature ever recorded in the country during June.

Even after the worst of the heat wave eases by the middle of next week, temperatures in the Pacific Northwest are expected to remain warmer than normal. Computer models project above-average temperatures through the July Fourth weekend.

I hope you have a lake or a beach around! Pure refreshment! But beware of flesh-eating bacteria… They are all around! [WP]

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  1. Some of the hottest recorded temperatures are from 50 plus years ago in my area! Was there global warming back then? It’s not man made it’s just a cycle that comes along every 50 to 60 years. Data has been manipulated to push an agenda in order to control and bilk citizens out of trillions and trillions of dollars. And all while politicians enrich themselves in the process! Science is no longer science, it’s ideology based nonsense and has nothing to do with facts anymore. Trust nothing you hear from those so called experts, because they are lying to you every chance they get! Too much dishonesty, and not enough integrity is what you get today with our sellout society.

  2. Four words:
    Time to eliminate fossil fuels entirely and go 100% to solar, before it is too late.
    United Nations needs to step up and take over and the US government needs to start listening to what it has to say.
    As the younger generation comes into power, that is eventually what will happen.
    I just hope we are not too late in taking things over entirely and finally running the world with peace, good health, guaranteed income and racial equality for all regardless of gender.

    • Nice trolling.
      Nope. This is a normal weather cycle or pattern. Globull warming is a hoax and con job.

      Scientists promoting globull warming received grant money for skewing the numbers. That is a fact.

      Look at the ice core samples for proof that globull warming piffle is garbage.

      Same with vaccines. Did you get your death shot yet?

      If you did, in a few years, you will see what happens. Your system will break down, and you will be very sick. When millions start dying off, the system will be overwhelmed.

  3. Hey .50cal,
    For your trees, I have heard that Diatomaceous Earth Powder works wonders for killing unwanted pests (you may want to look into it). It is a natural product, being a fine powder which is mined from the ocean sea beds, and is very rich in minerals for your plants (but the creeping pests do not like it). I have heard that the sharp fine particles shreds their feet/legs as they walk on it. Yet, I have heard it is so safe and nutritious that there is a food grade variety for humans to consume which can be sprinkled over food and eaten (I have heard that it kills harmful pests inside the human body too). I have heard that some people even sprinkle onto pets, and onto their sleeping pad, to rid their pets of ticks, etc.
    I just saying … I have heard!

    • Yeah, it’s good stuff. I remember I got a puppy that had some ticks. I was afraid they would get to breeding, so I hit the carpets. Left it sitting in there for a week, and vaccumed it up. Messy in house; however, I used the remainder of it around my tomatoes and peppers. None of those green horn worms even tried to ruin them. Good idea, and thanks for reminding me of that stuff. I have a huge jug on my deck. Now, I can do an experiment with a control group. ?

  4. Good the west coast deserves it, maybe it will get rid of the Commies, Socialist, Progressives, Liberals, Bums, Freaks and Antifa pieces of human excrement…….

    • You can bet the Lord has the left coast degenerates in his sights. The subversives do satanic tranny baphomet demon black rituals in the streets. Asking for it.

  5. I am in Spokane.
    Summers are very hot here.
    Today is already over 100.
    Glad we have AC but it is working overtime and only set at 75 degrees!
    Watering garden plants 3 times daily.

    This whole “drought” thing is being created on purpose for nefarious reasons unknown to the public.
    Our “government” is finding every different way to kill us off.


    • Kill more useless eaters in that imposter in chiefs feeble brain, betcha anything that somehow the power grid goes down and they will claim hacker or over consumption and yes, they have been draining the lakes on purpose to perpetuate the drought conditions

    • Use the dark brown or red bark mulch on your plants. Keeps root ball cool, and maximizes O2 uptake. I’ve gone through a pallet of bark mulch this season, and it reduces the frequency of watering.

      Also if you accidentally miss watering a tree, the ground stays moist longer, so you don’t burn any younger trees.
      Every two weeks, throw a couple of handfuls of that organic rich dark mulch, chicken, duck, or goose manure mixed in for some excellent leaf growth. Helps roots too.

  6. It’s not globull warming. So let’s take that horsecrap and chuck it out the window.

    • Hydrate, and keep water close at hand
    • Do outside work in early mornings and late afternoon
    • Use fans vs a/c if possible
    • Turn off TV, and energy sucking appliances

    This is always the hottest time of year. Heat stroke is not a joke. Prepare, and don’t overdo it. Take breaks, splash water on shirt, wear a large shade hat. Be safe if you are older, and stay indoors.

    • Another trick to conserving power in heat.

      Take all your empty plastic water bottles and fill with water. Put them in the freezer. Every few hours rotate some frozen water bottles from your freezer, and put them in the refrigerator.

      Keeps your high energy refrigerator compressor from coming on as many times during the day.

      • I think if our triple digit temps keep up, I will probably fill the 400 gallon cattle tank and float around in there behind the shade trees.
        It’s harder in high altitudes. Your kidneys need more water, and then you have to get up more at night. We had a splish of rain (enough to dirty the windshield) yesterday late afternoonish. So the moisture inside is 56%. Outside feels like 60%. Was going to mulch, and spray for aphids, but wind is up now.
        Got this Fertilone brand soil treatment for killing aphids. You water it in, and the roots get jacked to deter the aphids on the taller trees. I need gallons of this stuff, but the store only has $12 pint-sized.
        Aphids are like ticks for your trees. I hate them worse than mice and spiders. When you see ants crawling up the trunk, it’s time to get on it. 225 trees left to go. Royal pain, but trees aren’t cheap, and when you’ve taken care of them for years, it’s like family. Lol.

        Stay cool?

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