Calm before the storm? Only 3 strong earthquakes (M6.1, M6.1, M6.3) rattle the world in the last 30 days – Unprecedented! Be ready for the Big Shake!


Today, a strong M6.3 earthquake hit along the Kermadec Trench, New Zealand.

M6.3 earthquake Kermadec Islands on June 20 2021
A M6.3 earthquake hits off the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand on June 20, 2021 at 17:05:48 at a depth of 10km. Map via USGS

Meanwhile, there have only been 2 other strong quakes larger than M6.0 worldwide in the last 30 days and none of them exceeded M6.1.

drop earthquake activity last 30 days
Drop in earthquake activity in the last 30 days. Map via USGS

This is unprecedented or at least very rare! The energy accumulating has to be released… So imagine if it erupts in only 1 or 2 Big Ones! It could end really bad!

global seismic activity 2021, low global seismic activity 2021
Moderate global seismic activity level around the world. Diagram via Volcano Discovery

As described in this Facebook Group, these highly unusual patterns are a critical warning sign.

This absence of strong quakes is a very dangerous and alarming situation. People living in earthquake-prone areas should get prepared and be ready for a Big Blast. [Facebook]

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  1. Many more big quakes ahead when the pole shift is near just be well away from coastlines and at least 600 ft above sea level this is the real reason the elites released covid and are depopulating via the vaccine

  2. I have been watching a 188 day 7.0 or greater earthquake cycle since 2010. I have always given it 3 or 4 days on either side. June 25th is the next 188 day cycle date, so from June 21st to the 29th we should see a big one somewhere in the world. In all this time the lower 48 have not been hit. HEADS UP!

  3. I agree with this assessment. Now is a great time for a massive quake somewhere, perhaps a place full of pedosatanic demons passing themselves off as human?

    Perhaps a place where people relish in their wickedness, and insult God on a daily basis?

    Perhaps a place where psychopath tyrants experiment on people with dangerous gene therapy passing it off as a vaccine?

    C’mon Christ, let ’em have it—full tilt rock and roll! Squash them like cockroaches!

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