Series of two massive thunderstorms hammers Switzerland (videos and pictures)


On Sunday afternoon a wave of monster thunderstorms swept across Switzerland, bringing loads of hail, strong winds and torrential rain.

thunderstorm and hail through Switzerland, gewitter schweiz
A series of two massive waves of thunderstorms hit Sitzerland on June 20, 2021. Picture via

Meteonews warned of local thunderstorms in the cantons of Fribourg and Bern and for once, the forecast turned out to be true! People reported hail the size of golf balls, heavy rain and winds.

Some parts of the road to the Lac Noir in Fribourg were covered in a thick layer of hail:

In Zurich city, the main station was flooded! Readers report that in the city of Zug and Hallau (Schaffhausen), masses of water were ejected from manholes and flooded streets.

As «Meteonews» already wrote in a message, there are thunderstorms, heavy rain and hail showers in large parts of Switzerland today . The unstable and wild weather should continue from 4 p.m. to around 10 p.m. In the photo series, news scouts show how they experience the storm in their region.

The Zurich region will be blasted by heavy precipitation and strong winds up into the late hours of the day.

According to Meteonews, the worst is over. A new line of thunderstorms is approaching, but is slowly weakening. Keep calm! [20min]

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    • Some of that hail damage on the hood of the car look like .30 cal size. Golf ball size would have pounded much more depth and diameter.

      Those dents look similar to what a 45gr pellet in .303 does to an old crappy frying pan at 50 yards or so. Approximately 800 fps.

      *Did some recent ammo testing on the JSB Czechoslovakia high grade pellets.
      .25 also in Kings.
      .22 in Jumbo Monster
      .22 in Hades hunting. Stuff is dynamite quality.

      ** H & N also high grade in various calibers. Better in some rifles depending on bore.

      Saves money compared to ammo for firearms. Quieter too.

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