Disastrous rockslide destroys bridge and kills 9 people after rocks smash a tourist bus


Nine tourists were killed after heavy boulders fell on their tempo traveller in a landslide in the Sangla valley of Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh on Sunday.

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Disastrous rockslide destroy bridge and kills 9 in India. Picture via Youtube video

The rockslide appears to have started as a result of a collapse on a very steep, rocky outcrop above the bridge at Batseri.

There are several videos of this event, taken from different perspectives.

The first apocalyptic footage features the destruction of a bridge in the valley:

It appears that a mass collapsed, maybe about 700 m vertically above the bridge, and fragmented to generate the “evil dancing boulders”. The situation in which the boulders start to rotate about a short axis and to bounce is very dangerous. This is the case for numerous boulders here, generating extremely high velocities.

The boulder that destroys the bridge also bounced very high, meaning that it impacted the structure in close to freefall. The bridge was unable to withstand the impact.

The next video shows right at the start, the source of the rockslide. Nine seconds into the video it also shows traffic passing along the road that traverses the slope, of which more later.

The last video shows the dramatic movement of the boulders down the partially forested slope.

Rockslide tragedy: A tourist bus was traversing the road at the time of the landslide, and was hit directly by at least one boulder, killing 9 and injuring 3. [Landslide blog]

It’s maybe time to built a new 3d-printed steel bridge like that in Amsterdam

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    • I used probably 20 dumpsters of boulders when I built up my property. I put them all over, around trees, and down the 100 yards of driveway.

      Probably somebody should go above the bridge and excavate some boulders? Get that place cleaned up. Sell the boulders, and help offset the cost of rebuilding the bridge?

      Maybe reinforce the rock face above the next bridge with some steel. Be a big job, but hey, do you folks want to be rebuilding bridges everytime this happens?

      Or bring in the military, and use the rock face for artillery practice. Knock all the boulders down. Scoop em into the trucks, and cart them away? That might be less expensive. Burn off some old shells?

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