It’s burning like hell! Megafire in Oregon and 60 wildfires in 10 US states, 800,000 hectares of forest destroyed so far in Siberia, the world is a burning torch

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USA, Russia and Europe on fire…

The world is burning like hell! Oregon wildfire becomes Megafire and biggest in the US after burning over 200,000 acres, while more than 60 wildfires are burning in 10 states on the US West Coast.

In the meantime, flames are tearing across 800,000 hectares of forest, and the hardest-hit region of Yakutia in the north has been in a state of emergency for weeks… Terrible!

Siberian inferno

Russia’s army has sent water-bombing planes to support 2,600 firefighters battling huge wildfires in Siberia.

Flames are tearing across 800,000 hectares of forest, and the hardest-hit region of Yakutia in the north has been in a state of emergency for weeks.

Firefighters are suffocating, their lungs are being poisoned by acrid smoke.

Fires in Russia’s central Chelyabinsk region last week killed one man and destroyed dozens of village homes.

It’s burning like hell in the US

Similar conditions in parts of Canada and the US Pacific north-west have also lead to wildfires. Nearly 60 wildfires were burning across 10 states in the parched American west on Tuesday, with the largest, in Oregon, consuming an area nearly twice the size of Portland.

The Bootleg Fire started in Klamath County on July 6. It has now burned more than 201,000 acres across the state and is currently the largest fire in the nation.

As of Tuesday, the megafire destroyed 54 structures and 21 homes and forced officials to place more than 100 homes under mandatory evacuation orders. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

The inferno will continue to spread in areas with above-average temperatures and will only be fueled by dry ground and high winds.

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  1. So let me get this straight, antifa firebombers have firebombs that melt cars and level houses to a point where porcelain fixtures are turned to dust, while the surrounding vegetation remains untouched? Those sure are some fancy firebombs being made in antifa garages and basements. Wait! Maybe those evil antifa are actually making advanced laser weapons in their basements and garages – ya’ think?

  2. We are being fire bombed by Firemen who are getting paid huge bucks to do it and then to put it out when the job has been completed. Wake Up. Are you going to let them continue to do it? Whyyyyyyyy?

  3. Yeah, anything in the news lately is distraction from the AZ forensic audit results due in any minute. Mainstream won’t cover it, except with disinfo.

    All the leftist rats are running scared. Expect false flags, maniac mkultra shooters, UN pedosatanist buttclownery, etc.

    Damage control news expected all day.

    Par for the course. Fires this time of year are normal.

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