New study forecasts surge in US coastal flooding in 2030s – This gives you about 10 years to prepare for this large-scale disaster!


As if we didn’t have enough bad news in 2020 and 2021… Now a new study indicates the United States could see nuisance flooding in the 2030s more often than ever before.

The paper takes into account all known factors that can influence floods — both oceanic and astronomical, like the moon’s influence on tides. The researchers predict that in the mid-2030s, the effects of the lunar cycle combined with sea level rise will cause coastal areas of the U.S. to see near-daily tidal flooding for a month or more.

A new science paper forecasts a surge in US coastal flooding starting in 2030s. Picture: Hawaii Sea Grant King Tides Project

How does the moon affect tides?

High tides don’t reach the same peak every year. The peak depends on the alignment of the moon’s orbit with the Earth and the sun, which changes gradually along an 18.6-year cycle.

Nuisance floods are minor floods that can occur at high tide, often causing water to pool in low-lying roads, parking lots and subway stations. As the name suggests, nuisance floods don’t cause immediate catastrophic damage. But they can be inconvenient to work around and strain infrastructure over time.

It’s the accumulated effect over time that will have an impact,” says University of Hawaii oceanographer Phil Thompson, the lead author of the study, in a statement by NASA. “If it floods ten or 15 times a month, a business can’t keep operating with its parking lot under water. People lose their jobs because they can’t get to work. Seeping cesspools become a public health issue.

The last time that the moon’s orbit exacerbated tidal flooding was in 2015. The effect is strongest at the minor lunar standstill, which is the point in the 18.6-year cycle when the moon’s orbit comes closest to the plane of Earth’s equator. At that point, several astronomical forces align to amplify the lows of low tide and highs of high tide, and the latter can cause nuisance floods.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded more than 600 tidal floods in the U.S. in 2019, when the amplification effect from the moon’s orbit was less than it was in 2015. The next time the effect is due to be at its strongest is in 2033 and 2034.

Combined effects of astronomical and oceanic phenomena

To make specific predictions about the combined effects of astronomical and oceanic phenomena, researchers studied 89 tide gauge locations in every coastal U.S. state and territory except for Alaska. The new computational model combines NOAA’s sea level rise predictions, flooding thresholds, astronomical cycles, and other tide-influencing events like El Niño, per the NASA statement.

The researchers predict that the effect will be worst on the Pacific coast, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Islands, according to a statement by the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The predictions extend to the 2080s; for example, the study found that Honolulu is expected to experience 63 days of flooding by 2050. Most of those floods will be concentrated during a three-month period.

Scientists, engineers and decision-makers are accustomed to thinking about rare high-impact events, for example, a 100-year storm,” says Thompson in the University of Hawaii statement. “But we demonstrate that it is important to plan for extreme months or seasons during which the number of flooding episodes, rather than the magnitude, is exceptional.” [Nature, NASA, Eurekalert]

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  1. This is all happening because the Earth and our Solar System are now cresting on the Galactic Current Sheet. All the other planets have also shown radical weather changes in the last two years. Due to the large amount of charged dust and other ions at the peak of the current wave that we are now cresting, we are going to see more harsh weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and plasma phenomena in the sky.

    The last will be referred to by many as Signs from God, which they are in a sense. The Creator has set us up for recurring “thinning of the herd” events every 12,000 years when we hit a Galactic Current Peak or trough. The last such event was the Younger Dryas. Which was then followed by the last Ice Age. Tough Love from the Big Guy.

  2. The future is notorious difficult to predict especially for dishonest activists with an expensive Playstation 64 to run their bias models on. All nonsense!!

    If they were able to predict anything of the future at all, they would not be doing BS modelling but would all be extremely rich for trading stocks ..

  3. Well, that’s bad news for all the buttsurfers and Hollypedos in the Malibu colony. Better buy more flood insurance.

  4. Tidal flooding due to the moon wobbling is total BS. The last time the moon wobbled they said the same thing…..nothing happend. More fear porn for the masses that think they are awake and open minded (cough,Steve quayle for example) . I read it on the internet and they said god bless so it must be true, huka huka.

    • Well, the moon wobble is just a cover for the events that will occur due to the deep Grand Solar Minimum we’re heading into.

      You are aware of the GSM?

      So plenty to be fearful and PREPARED for coming our way. I do find the new studies funny, though I’m sure they’re coming out now to combat the actual info that is very easy to find on the internet.

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