Apocalypse in Yakutia as smoke from forest fires blocks the sun and turns the sky blood red


Terrifying! Day turns into night and thick rain of ashes pours from sky in videos shared by residents.

Day turned into night earlier today in several areas of Yakutia, with the sky turning orange and red and the Sun getting completely blocked by smog
Day turned into night earlier today in several areas of Yakutia, with the sky turning orange and red and the Sun getting completely blocked by smog

Eerie scenes of dark-red skies, and of the sun completely blocked by smog from wildfires are coming today from the Republic of Sakha.

Russia’s largest territory, used to be known as the Kingdom of Permafrost is turning into the Capital of Wildfires with this summer catastrophic forest infernos that have already burned down more than two million hectares of territory.

It’s 3pm and dark outside as shown in this first video:

Residents of Yakutsk, the world’s largest city built on permafrost, have spent weeks suffocating in poisonous smog brought by the fires.

People living in settlements east, west and north of the capital complain of struggling to breathe.

New videos filmed earlier today in Kobyaysky, Vilyuysky and Nyurbinsky districts (west and north-west of Yakutsk) looked more like scenes from horror movies, with daylight turning black and red, and ash raining from the sky.

Several fire-extinguishing planes due for a busy working day could not take off from the Mirny airdrome in the west of Yakutia due to low visibility.

Mirny, one of Russia’s key diamond-mining towns, has been blanketed by thick smog since early this morning.

‘We don’t remember the situation ever being so bad’, said residents of the village of Kobyai who also reported blackouts and ash rains.

Even brown bears are begging for food along the roads.

fire yakutia, fire russia, august 2021
Brown bears are pushed out of their natural habitat by wildfires raging in Yakutia

More than two thousand people are working on fighting the fires in the Republic, the local government said.

The first wildfires were recorded as early as 4 May 2021. And Russia isn’t the only country burning out-of-control right now… Parts of the US, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Italy, among others, are also in flames. [Siberian Times]

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  1. We see the most awesome sunsets when fires occur on the Left coast.

    You get red, purple, yellow, and grey skies. Seen a few fires in my life.

    One night I saved a family that had an attic fire going in the middle of the night. I pounded hard on the door, got ’em outside, called fire department, and they were there to save the house.

    Felt great too! Praise the Lord!

  2. Alright! Some brown bears.(last picture).

    See the big brute furthest from vehicle? How would you like to be out in the wilderness and see that monster?

    I wish I could raise one from a cub, and have it as a guard bear on my land. Scare the crap out of my inbred meth smoking welfare bum neighbors.

    Train him to attack smelly heathens, and eat them. Then go crap them out on the road.


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