Some Dixie Fire residents are so desperate they pull out guns on firefighters

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Some Dixie Fire residents are so desperate they pull out guns on firefighters. Picture: Noah Berger

Firefighters working the massive Dixie Fire burning in several Northern California counties are having to deal with another challenge: residents who refuse to evacuate and are brandishing guns at fire crews.

Flames from the Dixie Fire advanced into the town of Greenville, burning an estimated 75% of homes and businesses in the historic Gold Rush-era town of about 1,000 residents.

Meanwhile, the fire has aready destroyed another town: Canyondam, Ca:

Fire crews have encountered property owners who were refusing to leave their homes as the flames approached and threatening firefighters with weapons.

California Incident Management operations section chief Jake Cagle made the stunning revelation at the end of the Thursday morning news briefing.

[Wednesday] was a very tough day for all of us. There is stuff out there that we didn’t want to see. Again, talking about the people out there dealing with evacuations. We are all challenged. Law enforcement’s challenged.

We have firefighters getting guns pulled out on them because people don’t want to evacuate. That’s just the duality. That’s what it is. Not trying to place the blame on the landowners. We understand, our hearts go out to them.

Cagle said when residents ignore evacuation orders, it makes it more difficult for crews to contain the fires since they are diverted into transporting people in fire vehicles to safety.

The impacts, the devastation we understand. That’s why we are here, we are trying to do the best we can. That is our sole intention. But again it comes down to life threat, and that’s what we need to manage.” [CBS Local]

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  1. It is the DHS procedure handed down to state and local authorities via fusion centers around the nation for ‘repopulation’ after a disaster. This procedure makes it a crime to return to one’s home without government permission after a fire evacuation. Not knowing when or if you will be “allowed” on your own property again has a very heavy influence on the decision whether or not to evacuate. Almost no exceptions are made, If you try, they WILL arrest you and fine you. If you resist, they will use whatever force, including lethal force required to make you comply. And it is all unconstitutional. Just like the DHS.

  2. when someone pulls out a gun at his property, he wants to be left alone.
    Why isn’t that possible to leave someone alone?

      • There are growing reports that these fires were started by govt arsonists. Like in Paradise. Some ‘firefighters’ were caught behind the fire line- IGNITING fires- and not in areas where underbrush was being scaled back. But to drive out residents. Think AGENDA 21 and who want human carbon emitters ousted from the area. Not kidding.

  3. People that live on the outskirts, small towns, or offgrid don’t like being told to evacuate. Probably since everything they own is wrapped up on their homestead.

    That’s their decision. Fact is, alot of dirtbags live offgrid too, and they would be looting and pillaging the property.

    That’s why firearms come out!

    • If they evacuate, wbo will guard their property?

      Law enforcement usually has long response times in remote areas. It’s not the fault of law enforcement. Fact is, they are underfunded. So, you have limited resources with large areas.

      If police radio calls are prioritized on the computer in the vehicle, then responses to a robbery in progress, rape, assault take precedence. Therefore, guarding a house, or patrolling an area that is evacuated will be low priority.

      The state should call out the National guard to help monitor the perimeter of that area, and respond accordingly to threats on property, like looting and burglary.

      That’s what I say!

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