The threat of an Ice Age is real – Be prepared because it’s all cyclical!

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The Beaufort Gyre. Picture via MIT

Most people have NEVER heard of the Beaufort Gyre, a massive wind-driven current in the Arctic Ocean that actually has far more influence over sea ice than anything we can throw into the atmosphere.

The Beaufort Gyre has been regulating climate and sea ice formation for millennia.

Recently, however, something has changed. It is not something that would create global warming but threatens a new Ice Age.

There is a normal cycle that appears to be about 5.4 years where it reverses direction and spins counter-clockwise, expelling ice and freshwater into the eastern Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic.

The 5.4-year cycle is interesting for it is two pi cycle intervals of 8.6. The immediate cycle has suddenly expanded to two 8.6-year intervals, bringing it to 17.2 years as we head into 2022.

Why is that important?

What you must understand is that this Beaufort Gyre now holds as much freshwater as all of the Great Lakes combined. Saltwater freezes at a lower temperature than the 32 degrees F at which freshwater freezes.

The difference between the air temperature and the freezing point of saltwater is bigger than the difference between the air temperature and the freezing point of fresh water. This makes the ice with salt on it melt faster, which is why we salt the roads in an ice storm.

Now, think of the Beaufort Gyre as a carousel of ice and freshwater. Because it is now spinning both faster and in its usual clockwise direction, it has been collecting more and more freshwater from the three main sources:

  • Melting sea ice
  • Runoff from the Arctic Ocean from Russian and North American rivers
  • Lower saltwater coming in from the Bering Sea

Indeed, Yale has warned that this current could “Cool the Climate in Europe,” which is precisely what we are witnessing.

Cyclically, the Beaufort Gyre will reverse direction, and when it does the clear and present danger will be the natural expulsion of a massive amount of icy fresh water into the North Atlantic. Remember now, freshwater freezes faster than saltwater.

This is not a theory. We have previous records of reversals in this cycle of the Beaufort Gyre from the 1960s and 1970s, where there was a surge of fresh Arctic water released into the North Atlantic that resulted in the water freezing.

There has been a lot of work done on this subject, which, of course, is ignored by the climate change agenda that only seeks to blame human activity. Nevertheless, AAAS, of which I am a member, states plainly:
Arctic sea ice affects climate on seasonal to decadal time scales, and models suggest that sea ice is essential for longer anomalies such as the Little Ice Age.

Socrates has been given just about every possible database I could find over the past 50 years. Because of the extended 17.2-year cycle in the Beaufort Gyre, the risk that a larger than normal expulsion of freshwater into the Atlantic can disrupt the Gulf Stream, which is the sole reason why Europe has been moderate in climate.

But that has NOT always been the case. We know that the Barbarian invasions into Rome during the 3rd century were primarily driven by a colder climate in the north. The invasion of the Sea Peoples ended the Bronze Age and those from the north migrated into the South storming Mesopotamia and Northern Africa.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL It is just not created by humans.

Perhaps we are now at the tipping point and they cannot keep saying that the extremely cold winter is also caused by CO2 and global warming.

The collapse of the gulf stream has nothing to do with CO2. This may result in a major confrontation that these people have been seriously wrong and what they are doing to the economy in trying to shut down fossil fuels at this point in time could result in tens of millions of deaths if the gulf stream collapses. [Armstrong Economics]

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  1. Well, Alex Jones (love him or hate on him) is on his radio program. He’s talking about a SARS IV virus now, as further bioweapons attack on our population. He has a station break, but he’s coming back to explain more.

    Pretty interesting topic. I listen to his radio show as often as I can. You should all take the cotton out of your ears, and put it in your mouth, and listen up.

    • When I heard ‘global warming’ I shut it off.
      We are now in a Benny minimum (NASA name) and it will be colder than the Maunder minimum by 6-10%. Like warm weather and nice days? The Sahara could be the place to go.
      5000 yrs ago it was a savannah now a desert…things change.

      • Yep, it’s true. I love cold more than heat, Michael. I have my solar ac unit blowing 77° now. We’re at 90° outside. I have to postpone my tree watering until around 1800hrs. Then knock out three hours worth into the dark.

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