Klatskin Tumor Treatment

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Klatskin tumor is a cancer that forms in the common hepatic duct, the area where the right and left hepatic duct meet. Picture: Cancer.gov

Klatskin tumor is the most common bile duct neoplasm today. The treatment of these tumors requires great skills of surgeons. If the tumor is not treated properly, it can lead to serious complications. Unfortunately, not every country has modern equipment and professional surgeons for patients with such diagnosis. 

For this reason, Klatskin tumor treatment abroad is becoming more and more popular. Today, Germany is the world’s center for bile duct cancer treatment among European countries. The most innovative and effective treatment methods are applied here, most of which are not available in other countries.

Why is Klatskin tumor dangerous?

Klatskin tumors are malignant neoplasms that develop from bile ducts. Because of the hard-to-reach location, treatment is usually quite complicated. The slightest mistake during surgery can cause severe complications. Moreover, as the tumor grows, it can damage nearby organs.

This is why the Klatskin tumor should be treated as early as possible and only by professional surgeons. There are many treatment options for patients with this type of tumor, but most common methods are outdated and have a high risk of developing side effects.

Cutting edge methods of treatment

Surgical removal of the tumor is generally the most common treatment for Klatskin tumors in the world. However, this does not mean that this method has no side effects. Compared to more modern treatment options, this method is outdated and is used rarely.

Photodynamic therapy is intended to replace conventional cancer surgery in certain clinical situations. With its help, the Klatskin tumor treatment without surgery has become possible. The method includes injecting a special substance that increases the sensitivity of tumor cells to light. The tumor is then locally irradiated and destroyed.

The main advantage of this method is its selectivity and high safety for healthy cells. In most cases, the effectiveness of this method is comparable with surgical removal of the tumor, and the side effects in most patients are rare.

Other treatment options

If patients have contraindications to surgery or other treatment methods, the best oncology hospitals in Germany can elaborate a treatment plan for each patient individually. Besides surgery and photodynamic therapy, there are also radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Thanks to the vast selection of diagnosis and treatment methods, each patient receives the most effective treatment for his disease.

Patients with advanced cancer and metastases can undergo embolization. Modern embolization techniques include minimally invasive transarterial chemoembolization. This method makes it possible not only to block the vessel that feeds the tumor, but also to inject a high dose of an antitumor agent into it.

Sometimes, at the last stages of the advanced cancer, the patient has no chance of a complete cure. But even in such cases, the best oncology hospitals in Germany can improve the patient’s quality of life. The main task of doctors in such a case is to combat complications caused by the malignant process. After the first procedures, the patient’s condition improves significantly, as the severity of symptoms and pain reduce.

How to undergo treatment abroad?

We all know about the difficulties of organizing treatment abroad on your own. To avoid obstacles during the organization of treatment abroad, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. Working with Booking Health, patients from more than 50 countries of the world have successfully undergone treatment abroad.

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In addition to treatment organization, you will also receive:

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  • Around-the-clock support
  • Personal interpreter services, translation of medical reports



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