They are clearly manipulating the data: M9.5 earthquake in Argentina downgraded to M6.0 before completely disappearing from the maps

M9.5 earthquake downgraded to M6.0 and then M4.7 earthquake by USGS
M9.5 earthquake downgraded to M6.0 and then M4.7 earthquake by USGS

A powerful M9.5 earthquake hit La Rioja, Argentina at a depth of 649km (403 miles) on September 23, 2021, around 12:18 UTC (or 9:18 local time). At least this is what everyone thought at the beginning…

Just a few minutes later, what would have been one of the most powerful earthquake ever measured on Earth, was deleted by the Chilean Geological Survey:

M9.5 earthquake deleted on September 23, 2021
M9.5 earthquake deleted on September 23, 2021

But wait, the saga is not finished yet.

5 minutes later, another alert from Volcano Discovery says the exact same quake is now a M6.0:

M9.5 earthquake downgraded to M6.0 earthquake in Argentina on September 23 2021
M9.5 earthquake downgraded to M6.0 earthquake in Argentina on September 23, 2021

Again, this M6.0 quake was deleted, or better said ‘manually revised’ by seismologists:

Argentina earthquake deleted on September 23
Argentina earthquake deleted on September 23, 2021

Now if you look at the USGS earthquake map and you zoom on Argentina, there are currently no earthquakes shown… Not a single one!

Argentina earthquake September 23 2021
No earthquakes in Argentina on September 23, 2021 according to USGS

So what the heck guys!?! Are you playing with our nerves? Are you manipulating the data? [Facebook]

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  1. They always lie to teeth. 9.5 quake then i won my predictions . Regarding shooting in In Tennessee it is sad but when COVID shots given without taking it out of bottle in front of you is not COVID SHOT? They wait to kill you in hospitals in the world , CT Scans after ST Scans.

  2. Ok, that’s very weird. What about on the ground reporting? If it were a 9.5, then there would be visual, and first hand accounts popping up on social media, No?

    • Info only:
      I checked again, online via search for Argentina earthquake. Not finding any video links. One link to YT was a broken video icon on player. So zero visual info?


        Like I said yesterday, the results of the voter fraud forensic audit is due tonorrow, expect MKULTRA hypno-zombie shooters. Well, oftentimes when deep state is worried they will deploy false flag /MKULTRA shooters. Looks like I was correct.

        Then they blame guns, and feed the disarm civilians narrative/agenda. Like clockwork, these demonseeds always repeat their tactics.

        They fear the population being united against their agenda. That’s why they try and divide us on race baiting, class warfare, religious differences, ad infinitum.

        Same crap, different flies.

        Stand united against tyrants. Left and right can unite if we work together. We simply put our differences aside, and fight!

        I’m serious too. You better set aside your differences when a depopulation agenda is at hand! This is no joke.

      • Well, this story didn’t get legs. Probably was an aberration of the equipment. Otherwise, a 9.5mag would have leveled villages, and killed thousands. Thank God Almighty it didn’t.

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