INSANE 85°C (153°F): Second largest temperature contrast EVER MEASURED in RUSSIA on December 8 2021 – Record held by CONTIGUOUS US with daily temperature difference of 88.7°C on January 20,1954

Extreme temperature contrast in Russia
Extreme temperature contrast in Russia. Picture via Twitter

A staggering difference of 85°C or 153°F! That temperature contrast in Russia is just completely crazy!

This insane difference is one of the largest temperature contrasts ever recorded for a single country.

Moreover, sub -60°C is rare and has not been observed outside Greenland plateau in the Northern Hemisphere for 10 years.

According to another tweet, this represents the second largest single day spread of temperature for any country on the planet.

The record of 88.7°C is held by the US and was set on January 20, 1954.

If we take into account Alaska (although separated from the rest of the US), the largest spread ever measured is an amazing 93°C range on 18 Jan 1971. It was 35°C in Los Angeles (95°F, monthly record) while Coldfoot Camp, AK had a low of -58°C (-73°F). A few days later Prospect Creek Camp would set the US record low of -80°F.

And if you count Hawaii: AK’s record of -62.1ºC on 23/1/71 also saw Kahului Airport, HI reach 28.3ºC that day. Giving the USA a 90.4ºC range on that day!

It’s worth noting that 1954 was a solar minimum year. The Sun is just out of minimum now too.

Despite the frigid cold, below the freezing ice and snowy landscape lies a sustained fire known as a “zombie fire.”

This temperature extreme could be another consequence of the weather war and geoengineering practices currently ongoing in almost every region of the world.

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  1. There was actually a lot of nuclear weapons testings in the 1950’s around that time period, recently there has been a lot of nuclear disasters and possible testings. (Underground ones have been proven recently). Wonder if this heaps with the extreme differences?

  2. Welcome to Winter. Siberia does get cold. Sometimes we get snow, rain, and warm sunshine in a 4 hour period. Today it was 41° farenheit and tonight 5°, as forecast indicates. Pays to have a pile of dry logs.

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