Snowmageddon buries Leavenworth in Washington in more than 3 feet of snow in 24h while at least 22 freeze to death after THOUSANDS of cars are trapped in 4 feet of snow in Pakistan overnight

Snow apocalypse Leavenworth Washington
Snow apocalypse blocks Leavenworth in Washington

Extreme winter weather apocalypses are currently increasing around the world, breaking decade-old records of cold temperatures, ice and snow. Here two examples of the latest snowmageddons around the world.

A state of emergency was declared in Leavenworth, Washington after more than 3 feet of snow fell in less than 24 hours. Even more creepy, at least 22 died in their cars after being trapped overnight by 4 FEET of snowfall in Pakistan. And some always believe and chant our climate is warming… C’mon!

Record snow blocks Leavenworth, Washington

The City of Leavenworth declared a State of Emergency on Jan. 7 and requested aid from the National Guard after getting 36″ of snow in less than 24 hours.

City officials said some areas received as much as 48″ of snow in less than 48 hours, calling it “unprecedented and record-breaking snowfall.

Almost to almost bury an adult horse!

Authorities are concerned about the weight of the snow on homes and buildings.

The emergency declaration allows the City to use local resources that can aid quickly, instead of going through a normal bidding process, and is a pre-requisite for state and federal emergency aid funding,” a city official said.

The aid requested from the National Guard includes welfare checks on residents, food delivery, snow cleanup and private driveway snow removal. The city is also working with local contractors to provide emergency aid including snow removal and storage.

Pakistan deadly snowfall

Atiq Ahmed, an Islamabad police officer, said eight of the 22 fatalities were from the family of fellow Islamabad police officer Naveed Iqbal, who also died. All 16 died of hypothermia, officials said.

Rescue services physician Abdur Rehman said that after evacuating all of the stranded tourists from their cars, the death toll stood at 22, including 10 men, 10 children and two women.

The interior minister, sheikh Rashid Ahmed, said thousands of vehicles had been pulled from the snow but more than a thousand were still stuck in the area on Saturday.

Murree, 28 miles (45.5km) north of the capital of Islamabad, is a popular winter resort that attracts well over a million tourists annually.

Streets leading into the city are often blocked by snow in winter.

Ahmed said more than 4ft (1.2 meters) of snow fell in the area overnight and all incoming traffic was blocked on Saturday.

The minister said paramilitary troops and a special military mountain unit had been called in to help.

Until then no vehicle or even people on foot are allowed to enter Murree except for the emergency and rescue vehicles and those bringing food for the stuck people,” he said.

Umar Maqbool, a local administrator, said the heavy snowfall hampered rescue efforts during the night and heavy equipment brought in to clear the snow got stuck initially.

Officials gave no further details about those who had died in their stuck vehicles but said they were working on both recovery and rescue operations.

Food and blankets were distributed to the stuck tourists.

Video shared on social media showed cars packed bumper-to-bumper, with 3ft high (1 meter) piles of snow on their roofs.

The heavy snowfall caused a traffic jam and the closure of roads,” Babar Khan, a tourist who was stranded for hours, told AFP by phone.

Roads were also closed due to falling trees in many places.

The website of Pakistan’s National Weather Forecasting Centre said heavy snowfall was expected in the area until Sunday afternoon. While Fawad Chaudhry, the Information minister, said “decades” of weather records had been broken in the last 48 hours.

The Punjab province chief minister’s office said the surroundings had been declared a “disaster area” and urged people to stay away.

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, said he was shocked and upset at the tragedy.

Unprecedented snowfall & rush of ppl proceeding without checking weather conditions caught district admin unprepared,” he tweeted.

Have ordered inquiry & putting in place strong regulation to ensure prevention of such tragedies.

Most streets leading to the area’s resorts were largely cleared of snow later on Saturday but some work was still being done, Maqbool said. Military troops and machines were working to clear all the streets and the military established relief camps at army run schools that provided shelter and food. [FOX 13, Guardian]

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  1. Jump the shark with skyrocketing spiraling exploding editormageddon supidpocaclypse stale hackneyed internet jargon.

  2. Where all those people died in their cars from hypothermia it was surrounded by trees. START A FIRE! GET IN UNDER THOSE TREES. Dig a snow pit. Not that hard. Certainly easier then freezing to death.

  3. Well, that’s excellent news. No more drought fear propaganda for a while.
    Go hunting. Follow the snow tracks, and foot stalk some predator/varmints. May as well have fun, that’s what I do.

  4. Idaho, especially in the Northern part of the state (Panhandle) gets this much snow and much more every single year, and it’s not “Snowmageddon.”

    This is a yearly event, perfectly normal. Now if this happens in July, you have something to talk about, but with Washington, Oregon and Idaho being invaded by Californians who have no idea how to drive, walk, or even exist in a frigid climate, suddenly NORMAL events become catastrophic.

  5. Leavenworth Washington is at the eastern base of the Cascade Mountains.
    It ALWAYS snows in Leavenworth as early as October and as late as May.
    This is not “unusual” or “record breaking” at all.
    We had a foot of snow this week in Spokane, at the far east side of Washington State.
    It is currently 22 degrees with a foot of snow.

    Not everything is “strange”. Sometimes it just takes someone with a working memory.
    Carry On,
    Spokane, Wa. USA

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