Freak 5-meter-wide ball of lightning kills Canada goose at Cheshire lake, UK

freak ball of lightning kills goose in Cheshire
freak ball of lightning kills goose in Cheshire

A FREAK ball of lightning has killed a goose in Cheshire.

Startled workers at Booths Park, Knutsford, watched the rare aerial phenomenon from the window of their office shortly after 2pm on Friday.

Chris Harrison, from Knutsford, said: “It was very weird. We saw a ball of flame around 10 metres above the ground beside the lake.

“The ball was around five metres in diameter and only lasted for three seconds.

“Apparently ball lightning is incredibly rare, we have certainly never seen anything like it before.

“Some of the office lost power temporarily.”

A large flock of geese flew off but three remained on the ground and one was struck.

Chris said: “Initially, I saw a normal fork lightning bolt hit some trees and then a minute later, about half a mile away I heard thunder and a ball of bright light in mid air.

“Around 100 geese flew out of the way, leaving three on the ground. One of them was caught.”

Ball lightning is an unexplained phenomenon described as luminescent, spherical objects that vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. [Northwich Guardian]

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  1. Weird. Geese are good guard dogs, too bad this one didn’t make it away from the ball lightning. My geese usually go under my elevated deck during bad storms. Most light storms they hang out, and since their feathers are waterproof, it’s no big deal. Ducks too.

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